Sweet Treats for Halloween

Chef Rocco DiSpirito whips up some healthy and delicious treats for the holiday.
3:41 | 10/31/11

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Transcript for Sweet Treats for Halloween
-- but winds and you know now we have another big Halloween simply -- It is here now yeah. I had a front -- that's something -- -- yeah. -- However not everybody noticed that the business I'm an educator of the year what could -- bad bad days the US simply yes this is your guitar -- badly out there isn't much. It's since its lessons -- it's fair to say you're specialties actually food yeah I really didn't stick with a couple haven't heard much differently though if you did you -- I -- Islamic -- happy and healthy to a degree. Yeah it's it's a very healthy thing -- you -- -- an -- something that. Feels like to treat and you don't want to get your house and it. I -- that his future but this you do -- there was brownies. Aren't so egg beaters in a blender and bigger. Yes -- substitute -- red white if you like that -- -- -- they're not gotten the natural sweetener. That's right the nationals we Dmitry get a raw got it after those are black -- -- -- -- to talk about them too much because when you see black people were. But history when -- was afraid flour. And a little bit of melted butter and some espresso powder. Which helps chocolate tastes more like chocolate that this is going to be a brownie there's going to be -- yes exactly is going to be a brownie cupcake and then little cocoa. -- and it's clear that up and you basically make a nice -- out of it. -- -- -- -- And here are happening later -- let's look at -- -- to get you -- them together yeah gently and nicely with love. And wants a full together for the -- -- to back. And you put the bats in little cupcake to -- a -- big things like this film yep exactly. And I make -- very easy low fat low sugar frosting with jello and opening -- threat not affect -- and it's those two together. And here's what you get so here we have -- that -- -- it's quite clear how is that how many are we what are we talking so on the -- a typical brownie. The size could be anywhere from a hundred to 290 some -- finally this one is only 55 away much to expect so I can -- -- -- I think that's got -- suspended and six children and then -- you were covered pretzels everybody loves them who. Really easy way to make -- make them healthy this is just a mixture of -- all natural Greek yogurt. And gelatin like this and -- -- -- -- and I mean really has sort of capable of and why Greek -- Well because in -- its -- they don't add preservatives that I when they don't put -- of a top crude on the bottom there's no artificial sweeteners it's just you're religious actually. Very healthy food. That hasn't turned into basically candy. And look at how much this so I didn't even -- them or do you just let you know you can bet you let him -- an exodus of what -- we -- -- -- and I -- I see this you can get this in the -- -- -- -- about -- -- of those is -- 120 calories for mine early fortify the that this -- -- real staple for caramel apples candy apple so -- We can't make my -- they take milk powder -- -- that -- I know how. And I've kind of burn it and benefited me wonders is can I put some things and guns and I make my own camera that's the shooter -- -- With so what are we talking where we're running up against him. We really high calories don't count -- number deficit 723 normally and this person 67 -- -- 68 unbelievable as you talk about this summit talk about what could be rocker's new -- right thinking about how he gets 100 quit calorie cuts you can. Get the -- -- brother just showed his Good Morning America dot com the I don't -- -- we'll you don't want this banana one that as well you're saving dollars.

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{"id":14849472,"title":"Sweet Treats for Halloween","duration":"3:41","description":"Chef Rocco DiSpirito whips up some healthy and delicious treats for the holiday.","url":"/GMA/video/sweet-treats-halloween-14849472","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}