Taking the Plunge: GoPro Bomb Squad's Death-Defying Jumps

Four friends make a living using GoPro cameras to capture stomach-dropping jumps and stunts.
3:00 | 12/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Taking the Plunge: GoPro Bomb Squad's Death-Defying Jumps
The ultimate extreme -- 5500 feet high above the mountains. Northern you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Defying death instinct came from skids of a helicopter. Seconds away from their feet down. The -- these four friends have been making since 2008. Marshall Miller Jessie hall. Neil Munson and JT homes together they formed the go pro bombs. More quality -- an -- present day you really hit it. Hang out your friends. From the helicopter Nightline had full access squad as they gear up for a job you don't even have to worry about president emblems and they put his right to work across this. And open -- -- -- they used to have day jobs to this party started. In catering finance and real -- saving their money to travel for dies. Then Miller approached mini camera maker go -- for sponsorship and turn their hobby into profession. They won't say how much -- paid but now they tracked the -- Based jumping off mountains in Switzerland. In among the fjords of Norway speed flying to Alaska. Pulling off amazing feats with unbelievable precision landing right. So the readers. -- make -- for everybody. On the home front Miller is a father of two pitched his former occupation as a realistic. And -- passionate about I did because that's what we did united go to college get a job. -- -- His wife Nicole admits it's taken time to adjust to her husband's new gig she still hasn't gone up with him. I guess there -- the -- about it might be saying he now coming soon your -- The cold does say that his career -- has made him a better father Scott your -- -- -- job of the car and this morning Miller is dropping off the kids at school. At a -- and then taking the scenic route to work. Her or. It's okay. -- playground that comes with some very real risks. -- -- Great way to -- -- And -- hurts. Just last week -- 22 year old base jumper named Daniel Moore seen here in August was killed when his parachute opened too late. As he leapt off a cliff in Moab the third base jumping death in Utah this year. It's an occupational hazard that the whole team prepares for. There's like -- parachutists. It's dangerous you know there's risk involved and we want to direct like they were gonna recognize that risk and trying to manage it. Smartly Kuznetsova Mike year after testing the geared time to make sure the cameras are all employees don't have their relentless -- apparently -- -- -- program right. And Neil and air force veteran who served in Afghanistan and Iraq is giving me my assignment that's an important jobs -- wind meter. The smoke grenade to help them -- direction of the wind and radio. This is are you gonna talk to their helicopter and and gives -- a countdown from ten things -- nine days and were actually image opportunities -- One go we -- ago it's game time for the first time Nicole is winding -- to watch from a loss. Once the chopper it's -- 5000 feet might turn me to. Go. Smoke from the ground just backs in the sky from -- even after thousands of jumps. The future. All -- got to sell its plan. Like a parachute just sometimes like opens really hard. Real fast I know why it happened. Critical of the new appreciation. For her husband's line of work. It was kind of scary when they -- -- -- the helicopter and mark my -- in Atlanta. That sense of and easily shared by even an experienced jumper like -- who admits to having a fear of heights. It's scary every time not scared in a way that you know you're you're terrified -- you're shaking but you feel like anxious to scare that pushes it yet. And anything -- it's kind of it's magical way. Life in the bomb squad can often -- Sometimes just -- a helicopter you want -- pinch yourself -- is happening again mrs. Reagan. That is what we do -- phrase if this is more intense but short you know shortly intense moments. But -- -- -- -- distraught wife the small woeful -- for Nightline I'm Alex Perez and Morgan Utah.

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{"id":21094111,"title":"Taking the Plunge: GoPro Bomb Squad's Death-Defying Jumps","duration":"3:00","description":"Four friends make a living using GoPro cameras to capture stomach-dropping jumps and stunts.","url":"/GMA/video/taking-plunge-gopro-bomb-squads-death-defying-jumps-21094111","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}