Taliban Claim Responsibility for Pakistan Airport Attack

Ten gunmen, some disguised as policemen, opened fire on biggest airport in the country.
1:43 | 06/09/14

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Transcript for Taliban Claim Responsibility for Pakistan Airport Attack
We turn to the brazen terror attack on the biggest airport in Pakistan. The Taliban contemplating responsibility this morning for an assault that has left more than two dozen dead. ABC's Muhammad Lila has the details from Pakistan. Reporter: This is karachi this morning. Pakistan's biggest city, its airport in flames. The attack lasted five hours with gunfire and explosions echoing through the night. It started just before midnight. At least ten militants all wearing police uniforms stormed into the private vip terminal at jinnah international airport. These were some of the weapons, machine guns, suicide vests and grenade launchers. In all, over two dozen people were killed including the ten militants who made it dangerously close to the runway where several planes were parked overnight. Karachi doesn't have any flights to or from any American cities, but some of the world's biggest airlines do fly here. The attack putting the airport in full lockdown, smoke from the explosions towering into the sky and the army moving across the runway. Some planes filled with passengers were stranded for hours on the tarmac unable to take off because all air traffic was closed. One passenger tweeting "Heavy firing started again, full panic on board" and later "The fear of death, what I and hundreds of other people have experienced." The Taliban are claiming responsibility for this attack saying that this was revenge for a U.S. Drone strike that killinged one of their leaders last year. In response every major airport in this country is now under high alert and a very concerning thing about this is that it took so few people to breach security in a place that should have been so well guarded.

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{"id":24053252,"title":"Taliban Claim Responsibility for Pakistan Airport Attack","duration":"1:43","description":"Ten gunmen, some disguised as policemen, opened fire on biggest airport in the country.","url":"/GMA/video/taliban-claim-responsibility-pakistan-airport-attack-24053252","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}