Taylor Swift Names New Cat After 'SVU' Character

Sara Haines has the latest in the Pop News midday buzz.
2:23 | 06/19/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Taylor Swift Names New Cat After 'SVU' Character
Good afternoon I'm can't even -- the top -- stories buzzing online right now. Coming in at number four and trending on feet above. The young was incredible year -- keeps getting better. He's won an Oscar related role in the next Star Wars movie and how she -- the new -- cover girl. He -- some eating in a purple Prada -- killing her serious acting credentials were issued in Iraq. The -- also opened up the magazine about her insecurities and her emotional journey -- -- while your -- the July issue of both knees in June 30. Going back right now at number three a -- has learned the hard way about challenging a cheerleader on live TV. -- that I got crystal. Oh my goodness is she and many. The split -- everybody I'm pretty much -- it. Safe to say that Chris will be taking his co workers it by. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At twelve Olivia Benson gained after the character from -- order at EU went Hitler's favorite shows. But not everybody I had about the new -- case in point Taylor's old hat Mir who pleaded let me hit me. Yes the cat -- its own Twitter. In fact the -- Beilein went on to get Taylor east of her own medicine treating her son Eric and all the young -- lineup to take your place. Good -- Meredith dishing out on order. And isn't right. Very viral video at number one if it can't Klein ad showing a mom who throws a party celebrating her daughter's first period. Yeah. -- -- few. Do you know how hard it is to -- -- -- Kenya. In just two days -- racked up more than one point seven million views on YouTube. Then phone it thinking it through the day -- his eighty making a very valid point. Yeah. -- yeah. -- -- -- Tomorrow for ABC news I'm very -- in New York have -- every day.

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{"id":24218225,"title":"Taylor Swift Names New Cat After 'SVU' Character","duration":"2:23","description":"Sara Haines has the latest in the Pop News midday buzz.","url":"/GMA/video/taylor-swift-names-cat-svu-character-24218225","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}