Teacher-Student Sex Scandal: Three Teachers Charged

Mark Greenblatt discusses the cover-up of inappropriate high school relationships.
3:00 | 10/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Teacher-Student Sex Scandal: Three Teachers Charged
We're going to start with a teacher/student sex scandal, one that allegedly goes all the way to the top. Three teachers charged with having relationships with students. And now, charges of a high-level cover-up. Mark greenblatt is on the story this morning. Students and parents at most high schools are busy gearing up for fall exams. But in south jersey, talk about an exploding sex scandal involving teachers and students, even the school's principal, arrested now for coveringl up. Rumors of sex between teachers and students at triton high school surfaced this summer. Not one, but three teachers of the south jersey school are caught up in what's become an all-out scandal. I think it's terrible. I mean, they shouldn't even look at students in that way. And it's sad because now, it's like, are they looking at my daughter that way? Reporter: Prosecutors alleged the repeated sexual activity began last fall and didn't stop until this june, with sexually explicit text messages sometimes sent during the middle of class. One teacher becoming so comfortable, he went to a jersey beach with a student. It's obvious the culture at triton high school, where teachers thought they would get away with improper relationships. Reporter: Nick mart nelly's alleged victim was 18 years old. He's charged with official misconduct. The other two face additional charges of criminal sexual conduct and child endangerment. Their alleged victims, 17. I'm surprised because they're the teachers you would never expect that from. A shame that these adults take advantage of the children like this. Reporter: But the scandal is now much bigger, turning into an alleged massive cover-up, with PRINCIPAL catherine DePaul and assistant pribs pal jernee kollock accused of misconduct. Even telling a school employee to delete text messages with a student. All five employees have been suspended, with the school district superintendent saying, we have zero tolerance for sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior of any kind. The system is broken. That's what it is. People are just continuing to covering and continually doing things they shouldn't do. And they know this is wrong. Reporter: All of the teachers ARE IN THEIR LATE 20s OR EARLY 30s. Two taught math class and one coached the girls' track team. And no word from their attorney. Thank you.

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{"id":17412323,"title":"Teacher-Student Sex Scandal: Three Teachers Charged","duration":"3:00","description":"Mark Greenblatt discusses the cover-up of inappropriate high school relationships.","url":"/GMA/video/teacher-student-sex-scandal-teachers-charged-17412323","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}