Will Teacher's Defense Work in Sex Scandal?

Warren County prosecutor David Fornshell discusses Stacy Shuler's charges.
2:39 | 10/28/11

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Transcript for Will Teacher's Defense Work in Sex Scandal?
Turn to Warren county prosecutor David Korn shell mr. porn show thank you for your time this morning and the judge handed -- -- sentence itself over. For years she could've received decades in prison are you satisfied. We are satisfied for these type of cases we typically don't see anything near that gates for for a sentence but. We are satisfied with the sentence so long as she does in fact serve the full four years to the extent that she gets out. On judicial release in six months obviously we would be very dissatisfied with that. Of course mr. -- show a lot of people are saying there's a double standard here had. Have been a male descendants would have been a lot longer. How do you weigh in on that. I think through that again to the extent that that she serves a four years that's fairly comparable comparable excuse me to what we see William. With male teachers who who may have had sex with female students. To the extent that she gets out of six months -- I think that that would be indicative of double standard I think you would have a much greater public outcry. If we had male teacher who is perhaps having sex with cheerleading squad and -- walking the streets -- six months. I know sir that you have had an issue with some folks who have. Said something along the lines of older guys they're young man it's gotta be every young boy's fantasy and we could these parents. And then they wish that their sons are going through -- Yes and I think anybody who was in the courtroom yesterday and heard the statements of those parents particularly the fathers because I think there's this. Viewpoint that that -- view it as well you know it's it's a good story that a boy. This father yesterday of one of -- victims was very. Powerful in terms of his explanation of how -- -- impacted his son his family and the idea that. All male juveniles are. A more emotionally mature -- than female juveniles I just don't think is correct. And -- a foreign -- finally what is the message here what is it that you want people to take away from this case. There is a trust that exists for that should exist between teachers and their students and their boundaries that. The teachers should understand that they simply cannot cannot cross these students looked up to them. They counsel with them as they did and in this particular case and in if -- in a situation where your teacher and you've breached that trust. Police in our county we're going to two -- you to the extent of the law yes she well all right mr. -- show thank you very much. Appreciate you joining us this morning thank you very much you take care thank you.

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{"id":14833335,"title":"Will Teacher's Defense Work in Sex Scandal?","duration":"2:39","description":"Warren County prosecutor David Fornshell discusses Stacy Shuler's charges.","url":"/GMA/video/teachers-defense-work-sex-scandal-14833335","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}