What Team USA Needs to Beat Germany

Julie Foudy explains how USA coach Klinsmann could provide a huge advantage to the team as they face Germany.
3:00 | 06/24/14

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Transcript for What Team USA Needs to Beat Germany
Now, to "Gma" at the world cup. Team usa's heartbreaking tie was the most-watched soccer match ever on American TV, with 25 million viewers. The team has been prepping for its next big challenge, Thursday's crucial game against Germany. And ABC's Paula Faris has the latest from Rio. Good morning, Paula. Reporter: What an intriguing match-up this is going to be, Jurgen klinsmann, the highest paid soccer coach in American history. And it's for games like this Thursday against Germany, that he will have a chance to earn that salary. Arguably the best team remaining in the world cup. Number four for Germany. Reporter: And the one team usa needs to beat or tie to guarantee a spot in the next round. Usa coach Jurgen klinsmann knows the German team well. West Germany, Jurgen klinsmann. Reporter: A native of the country, he won a world cup for Germany in 1990. Then, coached the German national team. And one-quarter of the U.S. Squad is made up of players with German ties, like Jermaine Jones. Klinsmann said the talk of the two countries is undeniable. How do you feel about taking on your native land? It will be a special day. But once the ref starts the game, you just want to compete. Reporter: Considering coach klinsmann is German, coached the Germans, he knows their game plan. Is that a advantage for team usa? A huge adntage. Especially coming in as an underdog. Reporter: It's not just klinsmann's passport drawing attention. It's also his paycheck. A lofty $2.5 million per year. Is he worth it? I think so. He played at the highest level. You have that respect. And then, you have this international respect from other players who will come to the United States to play. Reporter: Klinsmann says his melting pot of a team is up for the challenge. Despite Germany's powerhouse reputation. They have a lot of strength. But also, they have weaknesses. And hopefully we find those weaknesses and make it happen for us. Reporter: Do the Germans have a little advantage over the Americans? The U.S. Coach said they get an extra day of rest. They did not play in the Amazon. And they travel 50% less than the U.S. Team. Michael, all of that could serve as motivation for team usa. Hopefully team usa can get it done. I grew up in Germany, Paula. I'm getting pooled. But I'm going for usa. Usa, baby. Got to get this done. All right, Paula, thank you. You at home can watch the big game between team usa and Germany on ESPN Thursday morning at 11:30 eastern. And full slate of action today. Four games on tap on ESPN. That was really brave. Come out and root for team usa. Yeah. 19 years, George, I spent in Germany. Is there some way we could formulate a bet that if you lose, you have to wear lederhosen. What do you wear if I win? Ginger? I'm in on that bet.

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{"id":24276965,"title":"What Team USA Needs to Beat Germany","duration":"3:00","description":"Julie Foudy explains how USA coach Klinsmann could provide a huge advantage to the team as they face Germany.","section":"GMA","mediaType":"US ONLY 08"}