Teen Sailor Completes Around the World Trip

Laura Dekker claims the record of world's youngest person to circle the globe.
1:31 | 01/22/12

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Transcript for Teen Sailor Completes Around the World Trip
It was a triumphant end to a year long voyage for a Dutch teenager Laura -- docked in Saint -- in the Caribbean on Saturday laying claim to be record. Of the youngest person to sail around the world solo ABC's Dan -- Clough where. Has more. It was an adventurous return family and friends cheered on sixteen year old Laura -- As she commanded her sailboat into saint Maarten. Ending the trip of a lifetime. -- -- 38 foot boat she fulfilled a wild dream to become the world's youngest solo sailor to circle the globe. This Dutch adventurer spent the last year's sealing the world. Starting from saint -- she logged more than 27000. Nautical miles docking and resupply and along the way. Still exit -- like went that high octane -- but. And then I wanted to stop. As a treatment and I wanted to -- So -- Abby Sunderland from California. Her attempt in 2010 was cut short after she was rescued seat stranded by a monster storm these trips so dangerous. Guinness world records no longer recognizes these attempts by young explores. Let her own claim as the world's youngest solo sailor. And with a victory feast -- -- burger and Fries she celebrating her high seas adventure that helped to reach the goal of a dreamer. For Good Morning America Dan Cutler ABC news.

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{"id":15414583,"title":"Teen Sailor Completes Around the World Trip","duration":"1:31","description":"Laura Dekker claims the record of world's youngest person to circle the globe. ","url":"/GMA/video/teen-sailor-completes-world-trip-15414583","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}