Teen's Quick Thinking During Burglary

Chloe Symngton hid under her bed and called 911 as men broke into her house.
2:30 | 12/17/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Teen's Quick Thinking During Burglary
Story of a thirteen year old girl home alone when two men break in what Chloe sentencing did next was very brave. You're gonna hear it all play out right now -- -- 911 call Ron is here with that story Iraq. Then picture this your home by yourself in the middle that they would suddenly you see. Two men into your house ransacking and they're coming toward you next what young Khloe went through was terrifying. -- -- -- -- -- I think about my my my how Patton who call chilling look at -- -- at. I'm Karen much. -- him walking on until April 10 and -- -- Michael Duncan. Even more terrifying the caller was just thirteen years old Chloe symington was in her Michigan home alone out sick from school. When she spotted two intruders. I went to my door again and looked down to see a guy looking through that -- -- an -- front door. And that's when I got freaked out. She immediately rushed to her Rome hid under her bed in dialed 911. As she continued to call the burglars approached her room. Give a -- your. Well okay there on the way already my pet that got him on the Larry. I would kicker Sam Padilla a lot -- bedroom -- But it was too late. Been on the line where you wanted it that silence. -- It's like -- I can work out. Somehow the intruders did not spot -- out here. And as they were leaving the home carrying Christmas gifts -- allegedly stolen the police were waiting for them. -- I think they have spotted the diet but I don't want you to come -- bedroom okay I want you to stay there -- play it safe eight. The deputies are out there. It was -- always quick thinking that may have saved her from more harm. Quick thinking she says she learned from her dad. Well -- analysts said. It's -- think now react to her panic later. And the 219 year old suspects were allegedly caught we like products and a camera and jewelry. Even more upsetting for -- it turns out that one of the pair was an acquaintance of hers. We've been in the family's home. But he -- earlier so. Pretty pretty disturbing but it did predicted and rate and so chilling to hear her voice and I don't -- -- -- Plain.

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{"id":15177468,"title":"Teen's Quick Thinking During Burglary","duration":"2:30","description":"Chloe Symngton hid under her bed and called 911 as men broke into her house. ","url":"/GMA/video/teens-quick-thinking-burglary-15177468","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}