Teens Trashing Stores Goes Viral

Dan Harris reports on how authorities are dealing with the growing problem.
2:45 | 12/21/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Teens Trashing Stores Goes Viral
Disturbing new trend teens causing big destruction in stores while people in their shopping and -- -- -- posted video and online. He said that we can -- here's a -- before this growing trend in this that this isn't it in use at the head -- her but. High level sophisticated -- revenue and welcome to teenage delinquency in the age of the Internet not only can kids engage in mindless destruction. But they can also share with the entire world. -- Diving into stacks of cereal at the supermarket. Hurling themselves into boxes of TV trucks at the toy store script. And plowing over an entire luggage display. Systematically -- products -- felt. Punching out Justin Bieber and belly flopping over book -- Even when these boys are confronted by employees at these various stores around Tampa Florida they appear utterly unfazed. Can't write it -- All right let me. This particular brand of mayhem creation seems to be a trend. People filming themselves disrupting stores and getting hundreds of thousands even millions of views. And generating positive comments like LO wells so funny here it is and everything. For market and -- in a Wal-Mart featuring a smiling young man in a wheelchair. Once you -- online video it's not about bragging rights and notoriety with your peers and people you know in real life. But actually now you're getting bragging rights and notoriety on -- global basis this. Follows on the heels of other crime -- fueled by the Internet from ghost riding the whip where people danced alongside moving cars. Two flash -- where young people often organized via social networks. Overwhelms store clerks -- group shoplifting sprees this doesn't sound what a bunch of punks. Then -- nothing better to do the problem though with according Internet fame by posting your exploits. Is that it can also -- Houston unwanted attention from the police as is now happening with those teenagers in Tampa. There was any damage done to your property look -- probably criminal mischief. As you can -- police are investigating and reportedly they have at least one of the names of the teenagers involved I suspect these kids may be a lot less cavalier and allow us -- When they have the cops at their. Door certainly hopes and I think that the cops that you scratch your head -- -- we're talking off camera and saying. No excuses whatsoever the teen mind -- mind is always -- black -- hard to understand what's going on pain in the.

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{"id":15204414,"title":"Teens Trashing Stores Goes Viral","duration":"2:45","description":"Dan Harris reports on how authorities are dealing with the growing problem.","url":"/GMA/video/teens-trashing-stores-viral-trend-15204414","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}