Tennessee Doctor Accused of Trying to Poison His Wife's Coffee

Leisa Hill says her husband put something mysterious in her mug.
3:00 | 08/08/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tennessee Doctor Accused of Trying to Poison His Wife's Coffee
doctor has been accused of trying to kill his wife by poisoning her coffee. Liesa hill says she saw him put something in her mug. Now, she's turning to help. Steve osunsami has more of the details. Reporter: Good morning, george. The details on this story is startling. Liesa hill says she was treated by her doctor/husband. Hal hill, the person that liesa hill thought she could trust more than anyone. A trusted physician, who sees patients at this office in chattanooga. But the order of protection, liesa hill explained she had been suffering from a mysterious illness for several months. And in march of this year, she says I found my husband putting an unidentified substance in my morning coffee. She wasn't sure. She suspected in march, at which time she followed her instincts and contacted the police. Reporter: For five months, liesa hill says she lived in fear in the couple's home, as investigators took samples of the coffee her husband delivered to her bedside every morning. When the test results came back, they were shocking. Extreme levels of barium in her coffee. A toxic, heavy medal that's poisonous, and causes flu-like symptoms. No one was more surprised than liesa, that her fear had been confirmed. And it actually was possible that her husband was trying to do her great harm. Reporter: The police told her her previous health issues are consistent with heavy metal poisoning. They tell us no charges have been filed at this point. But her husband is not allowed near their home. This is and will be a continuing and slow, methodical investigation. Reporter: If this is a case of spousal poisoning, it won't be the first. In 2005, nancy kissell was convicted in hong kong of spiking her husband's milkshake before she killed. And that same year, the so-called black widow poisoned her second husband with antifreeze. She's now serving 51 years to life. There's one more point we should underline. Police say they're not sure exactly who put that poison in the coffee. We tried reaching the husband. And he had no comment.

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{"id":16955724,"title":"Tennessee Doctor Accused of Trying to Poison His Wife's Coffee","duration":"3:00","description":"Leisa Hill says her husband put something mysterious in her mug.","url":"/GMA/video/tennessee-doctor-hal-hill-accused-poison-wife-liesas-16955724","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}