Orthodontist Accused of Murdering Wife Leaves Child Alone with Body

Prosecutors claim 42-year-old Randolph Maidens shot his wife ten times, took off on foot.
3:00 | 11/25/13

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Transcript for Orthodontist Accused of Murdering Wife Leaves Child Alone with Body
Of course not. The tennessee man accused of murdering his wife, leaving their 2-year-old daughter alone in their mansion with the body. He's pleaded not guilty. His motive is a mystery. And linsey davis has the story. Reporter: The man accused of murdering his wife this their tennessee mansion will be back in court today. The misserious murder in the mansion left 34-year-old rachel mavens dead. 42-year-old randolph maidens shot his wife ten time and took off on food, allegedly. He fled the scene. Took the weapons. That showed premeditation. Reporter: By all accounts, they were a successful couple. She was an orthodontist. He was a pharmaceutical sales rep. They married. She wrote on facebook, happily married to my husband, randy. And back home in nashville. They lived in brentwood, tennessee, with their 2-year-old daughter. A daughter who was left all along in the home that spring night this past april after her mother was shot to death. After a 1-hour manhunt, the father surrendered after hiding in the woods. One neighbor described on hln seeing maidens in the roads behind their homes three weeks before the murder. He was wearing all black, including a ski mask, and a cylinder-shaped backpack. I said, what are you doing? He said, my wives a a doctor. I promised her I would take the dogs for a walk and I got lost. Reporter: Rachel maidens' mother has kutsdy of their granddaughter. Maidens has pleaded not guilty to all charges, including homicide and police have not revealed a motive. They're going to be checking his phone records to see if he had an affair or was planning something else. Reporter: Investigators say a note was left on the kitchen counter expressing regret for what happened. They said he had more than $87,000 in the trunk of his car. He's currently out of bond and must wear a tracking denice. We could find out today when his trial is. All that money in his trunk? 87,000 this cash. The surprising comments from

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{"id":21004098,"title":"Orthodontist Accused of Murdering Wife Leaves Child Alone with Body","duration":"3:00","description":"Prosecutors claim 42-year-old Randolph Maidens shot his wife ten times, took off on foot.","url":"/GMA/video/tennessee-orthodontist-randolph-maidens-accused-murdering-wife-leaves-21004098","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}