Texas Woman Fights Off Robbers

Margaret Jackson was visiting her daughter when she realized someone was trying to break in.
3:00 | 08/19/12

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Transcript for Texas Woman Fights Off Robbers
Growing up in Houston 90 Texas women are very very tough but you might not -- a Texas woman tougher than Margaret Jackson Jackson let her daughter's house when -- -- somebody who's trying to break in and she agreed to re -- exactly what happened for us in splendid fashion -- This plan I can think outside. The bad bill that started me think they're not -- that gave -- a strategy. To uphold the pet -- -- I -- I was with clearly. The -- and the Donald. -- -- on notice today that all of the relatives don't hurt aspect I think it if you will he get to meet not open this don't let this good. I don't put that though he's got that the only thing about you -- -- he got the wait got around him when that -- not gotten him home and it. Not that. Fees but I've got in with -- shift got him in the minute they keep coming back. We welcome back you don't get this -- -- don't know where they got a very good -- latest. -- -- -- The other so much there that I wanna get into the living there is there's one specific part that's my favorite -- -- is that again. -- -- I'm glad -- in the -- Home and technical sense that it's a very technical term a martial arts she's great she's she's 73 year old William and -- are very very tough. We appreciate her reenacting for a this morning thanks.

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{"id":17036861,"title":"Texas Woman Fights Off Robbers","duration":"3:00","description":"Margaret Jackson was visiting her daughter when she realized someone was trying to break in.","url":"/GMA/video/texas-woman-fights-off-robbers-17036861","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}