Texas Woman Loses 500 Pounds

Melissa Morris' stunning weight loss is chronicled in "My 600 Pound Life."
2:04 | 01/31/12

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Transcript for Texas Woman Loses 500 Pounds
Out of one woman's journey of loss and empowerment Melissa more to Texas -- -- staggering 500. Pounds weight which had kept her in a virtual prison. Until she took the steps to free herself for life and almost unbelievable transformation are chronicled with a new show it's called by 600 pound -- -- -- Not like I sent out an estate boom I wanna go out to be the world's. -- -- -- I want to be 700 pounds. It just happened. Melissa has been overweight her entire life but she never thought -- get this big. The last annihilate my son currently 370. -- and Jane Lynch and doctor -- when I -- on the skills. And it says it's very important I think I'm right and I mean. -- -- that you're faced independently. -- -- It will be nothing from me ground -- big -- twenties when millions of chocolate bar urged soda pop Melissa that her husband Chris in 1997. Truthfully I have on it was -- -- -- -- -- She wouldn't tell me. Note that in -- and many ended botany. I just knew she was the worn. She had to rely on -- for everything she was so -- she could barely move. The hardest thing about -- -- -- -- family is you get lots of live. -- To say it out loud with the worst the only thing I want to do. Shifts fall into a -- Desperate to lose the way Melissa -- -- doctor willing to perform gastric bypass an operation to make the stomach smaller -- -- only able to eat small amounts. That I union. -- -- -- sent without it I was a move that the surgery goes smoothly. After a few banks like ten inches -- and after a week of recovery it's time for Melissa to go home. I -- -- to be -- and -- to be healthy.

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{"id":15478484,"title":"Texas Woman Loses 500 Pounds","duration":"2:04","description":"Melissa Morris' stunning weight loss is chronicled in \"My 600 Pound Life.\"","url":"/GMA/video/texas-woman-loses-500-pounds-15478484","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}