Thanksgiving Plane Crash: New Details

A pilot, his three children and two other men were killed in the Arizona crash.
1:47 | 11/25/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Thanksgiving Plane Crash: New Details
The latest on that holiday tragedy that terrible plane crashed outside Phoenix Arizona we've learned -- after an intensive search. All of the passengers have been found ABC's Lisa stark covers aviation for us and is in Washington with more Lisa. -- the crews are still working to recover all those remains they found. And even as that happens we are learning more details about the victims on board that small plane. More about their families and what they leave behind. Shawn Perry had just picked up his three children. Nine year old Morgan eight year old Logan six year old Luke for a Thanksgiving weekend visit when the twin engine went down. Smashing into the side of -- 5000 foot peak in the superstition mountains. Near Mesa, Arizona. The impact so intense the fire ball was captured by a web camera seven miles away. I looked -- and I saw this fireball. And it rose out and then all of the sudden cook who. Boom no one could survived that crash Peary and his children were killed along with co pilot Russell hardy. At 31 year old husband and father. And Joseph Hardwick a 22 year old airplane mechanic. Hardwick was engaged to be married next month's all these families are that I -- obviously heartbroken dramatized over. Does the loss of their loved ones so suddenly and -- Thanksgiving. This morning the NTSB is working to determine what went wrong on what was to be a short flight. From mesa to Stafford Arizona the plane was apparently flying under visual flight rules the crash happened close to the crest of the mountain. Authorities say their investigation will be hampered by -- steep terrain where the plane went down. Getting to this -- requires repelling down the mountain after a lift from helicopter. Shawn -- the data those three children was apparently divorce from his wife. Sheriff's deputies and a chaplain had to tell her about the accident and the loss of her children. And today will be the first real day that the NTSB investigator will get to that seen. To try to start unraveling how apparently experienced pilots could have flown into that mountainside. Laura thank you -- just a holiday tragedy I just can't even imagine that mom and what she must be going through.

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{"id":15027291,"title":"Thanksgiving Plane Crash: New Details","duration":"1:47","description":"A pilot, his three children and two other men were killed in the Arizona crash.","url":"/GMA/video/thanksgiving-plane-crash-details-victims-15027291","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}