New Times Square Ball Brings Social Media Twist

Jeff Straus and Regan Iglesia discuss 2013's Times Square New Year's Eve ball.
2:45 | 12/31/12

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Transcript for New Times Square Ball Brings Social Media Twist
waterford. We talked about a little bit about the theme. It's different every year. This is not the same ball every time. We construct a quiltwork of designs. The design is let there be peace. There will be dooufd in the panels. We have courage and love and the great sentiments of the world. This year, we're sending wishes of peace. We're inveeting people to send the messages to us. We want to read them live on new year's night. Tweet us peace nye. We're excited about that. Social media. Get in on all the fun. You said it does take a whole year, right, just to get this all put together? Oh, my god, yes. We're tithe excited. We're down there. We have neon trees. Psy, taylor swift t close the night, carly rae to close the I give a forecast. While I do that, I want to get a couple of glasses and do a little toast after this. Let's talk about the times square forecast for tonight. The temperature around 35. The wind chile mol more like the mid 20s. Across the nation, tomorrow, just to start your 2013. Here's a forecast for everyone. We have to share, it looks like. No we have a third coming. No worried. So, a bit early, and, of course, it's cider. It's too early for haul that fun. A long day ahead. Cheers to you, j.C.: Good morning, I'm meteorologist j.C. Monahan. We do have some clouds moving in, a little wind, not as much as yesterday. MID 30s. AT MIDNIGHT UPPER 20s. Tomorrow the wind kicks back up and you notice we have a cold but dry week ahead. This weather report has been brought you to by petsmart. And next, the news makers partnership. The yahoo! And edward jones partnership where we have interviews. This week, it's rachel smith and ryan seacrest talking about how gate it is to bring the whole world together. All eyes will be fixed on this on new year's eve. It's the tradition our friend dick clark started 40 years ago. And it will be an emotional one for us because he won't be with us for the first time ever. He always said to me, make it seamless, make it comfortable. Make it seem like anybody can do that job and just have a conversation with people. And often, certainly on the new year's eve show, you don't have to say much. Not much needs to be said.

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{"id":18100349,"title":"New Times Square Ball Brings Social Media Twist","duration":"2:45","description":"Jeff Straus and Regan Iglesia discuss 2013's Times Square New Year's Eve ball.","url":"/GMA/video/times-square-ball-brings-social-media-twist-18100349","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}