Ex-'Toddlers & Tiaras' Star, 6, a Millionaire

Isabella Barrett left the spotlight and now is the face of a clothing and jewelry line.
2:58 | 04/25/13

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Transcript for Ex-'Toddlers & Tiaras' Star, 6, a Millionaire
of the youngest self-made millionaires ever, is a former star on the hit reality show "toddlers & tiaras." Isabella barrett has turned her back on the pageant circuit. And linzie janis with her remarkable story. Reporter: That's right. The former pageant princess and her mom are cashing in, selling little girls. She was the spicy 5-year-old who made it big on "tods & tiaras" with some calling her the new it girl on the tiny pageant circuit. But isabella barrett rocked the headlines when she started a kitty catfight with her then-rival, 3-year-old. Calling her a hooker after her mother dressed her up as julia roberts from "pretty woman." The comments came straight from isabella's mom. And the negative press led susanna to pull her daughter off the show and out of pageants. She was taking a hit for that. That's not okay. Reporter: That didn't stop susanna from turning isabella into a global superstar. Are you still the it girl? Yes. And a millionaire. Reporter: It's thanks to a hugely popular reality show in germany. And most of all, her own company, her company of jewelry, lip gloss and hoodies. It's nice that we can customize things to raise money, raise awareness. These are my cute flats. Reporter: The tiny material girl is now a first grader with more than 60 pairs of shoes and her own pageant room, worth over $100,000. How much did this cost? This was a few thousand. Reporter: The pint-sized diva spent more than $1,000 on room service. We ordered, like, ice cream, chocolate cake. Reporter: Oh, my word. We freaked out. Reporter: You must be worried that she could become spoiled. She's cultured. She speaks four languages. At the end of the day, it's not that it's rfection. Reporter: With her retail empire growing, isabella is tackling pop stardom. Her song, "l.O.L." This time around, the mother/daughter duo, say they want to be known for spreading a more positive message. ♪ Lol ♪ Reporter: Isabella is preparing to release another single called "i'm just a kid." She wants to be a rock star, a teacher and a nurse when she grows up. She can't access the bulk of her money since she's 21 years old. She went on a trip to juicy couture in l.A. And bought 14 track suits in 1 trip. Busy, little mogul. Thank you. The moment we've all been

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{"id":19040368,"title":"Ex-'Toddlers & Tiaras' Star, 6, a Millionaire","duration":"2:58","description":"Isabella Barrett left the spotlight and now is the face of a clothing and jewelry line.","url":"/GMA/video/toddlers-tiaras-star-isabella-barrett-makeup-jewelry-line-19040368","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}