Tony Hale opens up about 'Veep' and impersonates Liza Minnelli

Plus, the actor discusses parenting and his favorite reality TV shows.
6:35 | 04/19/17

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Transcript for Tony Hale opens up about 'Veep' and impersonates Liza Minnelli
All right. Are you in for a treat, ladies and gentlemen? We have a very special guest this morning. You know him as Julie louis-dreyfus' sidekick on "Veep" and buster Bluth from "Arrested development" and we hope that comes back. Give it up, two-time Emmy award winning Tony hale. Oh, yes. Hello. Hello. How are you? Good to see you. Hi. Whoo! What a nice crowd. So you're just one of those people that -- Just a mess. I like to say hot bless still blessed. Yes. You just make us happy. This is already the sixth season for "Veep." Sixth season. Sixth season. Sixth season and it's gotten crazier and crazier. That makeup artist Lisa just gave me a shot of apple cider vinegar. I feel like I just drank salad dressing. She did. Supposed to get you from getting sick. "Veep" gets crazier and crazier. You have to keep up with the news. Sometimes it's on every night on CNN. But it's really fun. We love watching you on "Veep" but when you're not watching yourself on TV we heard you like watching reality shows. Oh, yes. Which ones do you like? Your zois got -- Yes. What do you like? Well, my daughter and I always marathon "Project runway." Ah. Ah. She's a sweet little angel and we also love the show "Chopped." Oh, yes. "Chopped" is great. Great because we'll play games in the kitchen and she'll pick ingredients and we have a contest. It's really big with kids. "Shark tank" is another one. So I love me some reyalt, guys. Nothing wrong with that. We love it. I saw the premiere, the sixth season the other night, very funny. You guys are -- ? Thank you very much. Let's take a look. What is this music? It's Brazilian music, Andrew gave to me in can you please stop dancing. I'm framing out your face right now. You're using an awful lot of paint for down there. Maybe use it for up here. Let's give the people what they want. Okay, that's really -- That was too much. Way out of line. How do you do it with her? I actually -- I actually am the one that breaks the most. I laugh the hardest because I'm the closest so I hear the small stuff. Very unprofessional and she -- I've said it before. She said, Tony, you know you're not watching the show, you're in the show. I was like, yeah, but it's a funny show. It's a very funny show. "Arrested development" is also a very funny show. All right. Now, don't get our hopes up about a reunion. Well, I mean it's looking good. We're all on board. We want to do it -- I want to see what happens to my sweet girlfriend liza minnelli on the show who I love so I want to know what happens with that story line. Oh, there she is. Oh, I love her. Do you know what, she would take my wife out to lunch and tell her stories about her life. Listen to my life. Like she was raised on the mgm lot and talk about her mom and Vivien Leigh and we're just like keep talking. Don't stop. Did she ever sing to you? She did. She did. She -- was it that same day sitting in the backseat of our car and she started -- she was talking about a concert she did at radio city music hall as you do. And I didn't know her music. I said what did you sing. She said I sang the song liza with a Z and she breaks it out in the backseat of my car and the best part she's done it so many times she could hear the orchestration so she'd go liza with a "Z." ??? Ba da with a bam ??? It was great. It was great. Does your little girl have the same love of -- She does. Of the bi seechlth. I don't know about the biz but she loves performing and she's -- you know, she's doing a play at her school. She's doing "Chitty chitty bang bang" at her school and she's jemima and plays the ukulele because of that singer grace vanderwaal. She's obsessed with her and plays ukulele and just a doll. She's fun. She's 11. I have an 11-year-old so getting into that. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yes. We are. Really clutching George right now. Get a little sassy. My favorite thing she said. I said, when you get a chance I need you to clean your room and she said, yeah, I don't think I'm going to get a chance. And I was like, well, I'm not going to find a chance to feed you. Really weird. Don't worry, dad. I can pick out anything and make anything since I watch "Chopped." She's a sweetheart. How long do you see "Veep" going? Ooh. As -- my mortgage would love for it to go for as long as it wants. I don't know. I don't know. I mean these writers work incredibly hard on these story lines. And so -- what I love about the show, especially this season is it's kind of showing the life of what happens to a president after and hopefully some of the things chichi goes through didn't happen but she only got into the presidency because of her ego and then that was taken away so now she's losing her minds and she's like, I need a library and trying to stay relevant and she's a mess. My character thinks she's hilarious. Great writing but the acting is superb, as well. Everyone. Comes from a lot of childhood pain. Great ensemble cast. We have a good time. You can watch "Veep" Sundays on HBO.

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{"id":46876903,"title":"Tony Hale opens up about 'Veep' and impersonates Liza Minnelli","duration":"6:35","description":"Plus, the actor discusses parenting and his favorite reality TV shows. ","url":"/GMA/video/tony-hale-opens-veep-impersonates-liza-minnelli-46876903","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}