Top Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gifts

Kate Dimmock reveals great deals on presents for the love of your life.
2:49 | 02/10/12

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Transcript for Top Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gifts
Valentine's Day is less than a week away and while I -- three guys -- maybe off the hook didn't have all the rest of you argue not what -- we have your. Ultimate last minute shopping list for all the loves and all of your lives. He epidemic is resolved after four people style watch magazine she had every store online and -- and give the very best deal I've -- all the work so then what am I gonna -- the Levy in my life well. -- you doubt we've got some great ideas here we had these great hug and from -- diet -- sure I'm well this is when the girls will eat the chocolate. And and then if you don't have time to pay in your busy schedule all right we have these -- I think political brownie is it you know yeah yeah yeah. And then of course we love these -- -- from red -- below. And you can get your name put on your little -- dad's going to be perfect Saturday night. I know I would be very happy to get anything I think what can be very happy let's see how you -- And what a very proud to say it there you go out there. Ice bug slipped currents from -- I mean I have six those thought I actually have seven -- of the that's -- yeah that's great or are. Cut flanks but you get -- kind of double -- such an elegant guest guys always like something like that girls love creating things like I just say it's -- like walking on clouds on talent and you know they are they just don't leave the house -- -- -- on us. All right well I guess all right -- this in the existing ones. On Valentine's Day gift for the for an well you know there are people that you just loving your -- -- You're Lara yes you're seeing and yes we have these Hostin oh and it's nice phone case is that you know it's nothing says love like your picture on your they didn't want to see there it every time my phone I now. I guess there's designated to rapidly into what we -- know what I can say that if she's -- They got the from the item one of my heart my heart -- fronts in the media -- and a great friend gaps and I want to be the coolest daddy in the whole -- which you are but -- yeah. That in my -- keep those little not insane. -- -- case comment. -- and that's he's hanging in maybe the cutest thing I've ever seen just -- like paying that somewhere off -- -- your -- -- just an. Cink doesn't -- a problem right shoulder lot of so kids hello don't have a lot of pressure would be -- that needs -- Goodness that's yet if you don't Restoration Hardware kids they're just so adorable Pinto and you're a kid that -- -- -- imminent for very quickly. Are these three guys off the hook for Valentine's Day I actually think they're under more pressure than that. Now I am -- -- a lot of play. How right now. -- more than an option on what you can find all of these Valentine's Day gifts you get a Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo! thanks so much.

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{"id":15555134,"title":"Top Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gifts","duration":"2:49","description":"Kate Dimmock reveals great deals on presents for the love of your life.","url":"/GMA/video/top-minute-valentines-day-gifts-15555134","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}