Top Snowboarder Returns After Frightening Injury

Kevin Pearce spent months in the hospital after hitting his head on a half-pipe.
4:28 | 01/06/12

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Transcript for Top Snowboarder Returns After Frightening Injury
He was one of the best snowboarders in the world beating Shaun White head to head. A favorite to make the 2010 Olympics but suddenly a tragedy Kevin Pearce hit his head on the half pipe. A traumatic brain injury takes him off the slopes and into a hospital for months. But now he's back to tell us about yet another improbable feat. Kevin Pearce is back on his board and back on the slopes Kevin thanks for joining asked him. You look great you look healthy strong OK I'm dying to know your first day back. On the slopes you -- there with. With Jake Burton your mentor your sponsor with your brother Adam what was it like going down the mountain that first time since the accident. You know is special -- -- really special just because. Like you're saying I've been in the hospital. I was there for them I -- the first site. Six months thousand -- -- just thinking about snow where an all time and I. Being gone through rehab and -- Sony different things for the last two years and to get back on it was really special on. You know it's just such a good feeling. And I know that you suffered memory loss. With the -- accident. Did any part of you think when you got on that snowboard that that maybe you had forgotten that skill. -- you know I I've done it since I was like. Four or five years old and I'm 24 now so -- -- wearing for a long -- For really long time so I never really thought about that are worried about that just 'cause I kind of fell into his. Riding a bike you know once you got eight year old did you know kinda having all these people actually kind of making -- -- it's. -- got to me but I always I was always ready -- thought I'd be okay. And when you're in the hospital the doctors for saying. No chance you're you're not going to be able to get back on the snowboard you're lucky to be alive did you ever consider that possibility. You know I never really listen to them I think that's one -- reason why I'm doing so well is because I was so focused on getting back on my snow -- I was really working so hard for that the entire time I. Was in critical care and then going through their fees that was just kinda you know that was really my mind send my goal is to get back comment -- But during the 2010 Olympics you worry and your hospital bed and you we're seeing someone you had beat and in head to head competition Sean right. Win the gold medal what was the hardest part about watching the Olympics on TV. Being I think the hardest part for me who has just kinda how bad I wanted to be Daryn how hard I work to be there to be sitting there and this. Be thinking about how bad I wanted to be with all those guys. And now you know -- and they years you're back on your snowboard and and you went out there but do everything -- -- compete again. -- you know I think. Not a hard -- right now it's not where you become too dangerous for me is trying get back in. The -- after the hour at such a crazy high level that had just don't know it's worth it but there's so many their side the -- -- that I am unveiling get back to -- So exciting because you know. So much of the world think that there's just a competitions in that snowboarding with then there's this whole. Back country and filming in being up in the mountains so you know on there's more to it that I'm excited to get back to what part -- your family played. In the lot these last year's recovery. -- -- hard to explain just because they have. Played such a huge role in -- it's like indescribable what they have done whether it's you know I was in. I was in a coma and not remembering anything for the first month and a half but that they were there every single day -- was sleeping on the floor or just being with me. In the hospital. Helping offered 24 hours a day for whatever -- was 45 days. My brother Adam would do the rehab with Weaver what was it three months eight hours a day he'd be there pushing me -- it's just crazy they're still there two years later. Just supporting me in such a huge way as I continue get better so. That's been a huge one for me the whole family -- what lessons have you taken away from -- years. You know I think the main lesson that I've taken away is not take things for granted but good guy really -- Gifford granted how I was. Snow warning has -- -- the snow warning never really realized what I had -- and that. Lose at all and that -- have been in the hospital and not being able to walk even you know. Now I kind of see life -- a whole different way in the sense that you know I just appreciate being up the mountains even found this -- and down. So much more than I used to and I used to be -- on. Amazing inspiring story Kevin -- true hero thank you for joining through happening.

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{"id":15305950,"title":"Top Snowboarder Returns After Frightening Injury","duration":"4:28","description":"Kevin Pearce spent months in the hospital after hitting his head on a half-pipe.","url":"/GMA/video/top-snowboarder-kevin-pearce-returns-slopes-frightening-brain-15305950","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}