Tori Spelling on Her Life-Threatening Pregnancy

Actress discusses how birth of son Finn helped make her the mom she is today.
3:58 | 12/06/12

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Transcript for Tori Spelling on Her Life-Threatening Pregnancy
morning. Tori spelling, opening up about a life-threatening pregnancy scare, with her youngest son, finn. And how it helped her to make her a better mother. Cecilia vega spoke with her and joins us now from los angeles. Hi, see celia. RepMORNING. Tori spelling says she can relate to her difficulties right now. But for tori, the difficulty, the danger and toll it took on her body, she says baby number four is probably her last. I didn't plan to get drunk. Reporter: These days, tori spelling is all grown up. Still living life in front of the camera. But a this time, as a wife and a mom. Glad you guys are all here. Reporter: From her online series, "documentori." I love you, baby. Reporter: To her reality show. A boy. Are you serious? Reporter: But this is tori in her most challenging role yet. Four children with her husband OF FIVE YEARS, dean McDermott. And tori is opening up about her headline-grabbing pregnancy, with her son, finn. Life-threatening complications reportedly linked to her three previous c-sections. Had her pleading with doctors to save her baby. One of my doctors said, get that baby to 28 weeks. I'm not going to cry. Reporter: She was in the hospital for 2 1/2 months, lying flat on her back, unable to care for her other young children. I missed big moments. That was the hardest. Reporter: What did you miss? I missed liam's preschool graduation, and ella's 4th birthday party. Hattie, when she started to crawl and her first words. Reporter: Finn is 3 months old and healthy, the newest member of their growing family. Do you have a different bond with him than your other children because of what you went through with that pregnancy? With finn, I appreciate every second more with him. Reporter: Tori's appreciating being back at work. She is starring in an abc family movie "the mistle-tones," this time, playing a glammed-up mean girl. It will age much faster than her face. Fingers crossed. It was my "american idol" meets "dancing with the stars" moment. I finally got my moment. I watch those shows all the time. And now, it was me. Reporter: But at home, this christmas is all about family. It looks good, guys. Are you eating more than you're decorating or what? We're such a diy family, our holidays are ideal. We make our own ornaments. Anything we can make, we do. I have to ask. Your parents are both jewish, right? Yes. We grew up celebrating everything because they believed it wasn't about a religious holiday. It was about a family celebration. Reporter: Tori's famous tv producer father, aaron spelling, died in 2006. She has famously feuded with her mother. But they've since made up. And now, tori plans to pass on some of the spelling family traditions to her own kids. But not quite all of them. And the gift wrapping room, it did exist. Reporter: It did exist? It's not urban legend. And there might have been more than one. Reporter: Exclusive. There might have been a holiday one. Just a holiday one. ♪ All I want for christmas is you ♪ Reporter: Two rooms, just for wrapping paper. There is one tradition that her father loved that she's passing on to her own kids. They brought in a snow machine to turn los angeles into a white christmas, to bring that snow to them. Guys, back in new york, one over-the-top tradition they're doing in los angeles, in the new generation of the spelling household. Back to you guys.

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{"id":17893048,"title":"Tori Spelling on Her Life-Threatening Pregnancy","duration":"3:58","description":"Actress discusses how birth of son Finn helped make her the mom she is today.","url":"/GMA/video/tori-spelling-interview-actress-discusses-life-threatening-pregnancy-17893048","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}