New Round of Dangerous Tornadoes Due in Plain States

A new tornado outbreak is already spawning twisters.
2:15 | 05/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Round of Dangerous Tornadoes Due in Plain States
Alert for a dangerous situation developing over the -- the country right now. Another round -- possibly devastating tornadoes could hit the midwest today no let up that all changes you she -- now the latest in that tornado hot zone. Good morning ginger. Good morning George unfortunately the atmosphere is primed for violent long track tornadoes from parts of Oklahoma Kansas and Nebraska but the storm reports from yesterday there were issues as Far East at Michigan. And Pennsylvania. Overnight dramatic just released security footage from Carl -- college ink Ellsberg Illinois. Water comes pouring in from the torrential downpours up to five inches of rain fell in just two dollars. -- 100. From Texas to Nebraska and reports of at least twenty tornadoes this beast -- -- the land near Bennington Kansas visited the ranch. The Storm Chasers capturing that mile wide wedge tornado. Don't go go go go don't go up in Michigan high winds damaging several homes in Genesee County. Toppling power lines downing trees demolishing this bar in teacher thankfully no one was inside. And in northwestern Pennsylvania a reported tornado where one person was injured. In California dry conditions and high winds are fueling brush fires this one north of Los Angeles is threatening and -- park. Anything that's -- all white grass is anything like that one -- -- on -- and Iowa suffering from days on end of too much rain many of its rivers now at risk of flood. Workers in one county used pumps tissue water through the year to keep this road clear. We knew we couldn't get out because the road was gone in it would tried we probably would end of that part of -- -- Focus in on who needs to be on alert this afternoon and evening that's when violent storms start taking off and this is a two day event by the -- jet stream. Really digging in. And not only today but tomorrow and all of the areas you see shaded there the tornado risk is. Largest today an area and that hot pink -- deep red color you can see in parts of Oklahoma and Kansas Nebraska it of course we've got. Not only tornadoes that damaging winds and hail to talk about to.

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{"id":19279484,"title":"New Round of Dangerous Tornadoes Due in Plain States","duration":"2:15","description":"A new tornado outbreak is already spawning twisters.","url":"/GMA/video/tornado-video-2013-round-dangerous-twisters-due-plain-19279484","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}