Tory Johnson's Deals and Steals on GMA LIVE!

Check out great discounts available for a limited-time.
3:18 | 02/07/13

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Transcript for Tory Johnson's Deals and Steals on GMA LIVE!
-- -- -- -- Because it -- -- whistles and sirens. Yeah. All of -- It's. -- Away yeah I think he's scored a -- other -- People won't -- -- star from -- Hey everybody I can't get special Medialink and behavior online right now we know it was hard years sometimes we really love -- -- I know. He I don't there's some I think we get out and that's really do I mean I think you give you the flashing light did not have a -- I'll. -- You does not affect on the boxes you can I don't I would Donald drumming you may have -- yeah I love that and I am doing a lot of things that you think -- And this -- -- pretty well under a deal today I Josh. That to watch look at that -- went out -- one of them right now guess is that puts -- at a special deals. I was saying to bring you. For -- it how -- I don't think there Thursday and Friday bag you and I love this company did yeah they're who lives. -- -- tonight at Madison name put mama can't bags and so regularly that line -- -- Figured well while 3229. Dollars depending on what you choose slashed in. The starting at fifteen not to get a Thursday Friday that their. We take these yeah I've got more heated even on the Christmas -- and tell all I'll let them as well you're not gonna give away -- you're gonna Wear this yourself. It is -- Lara Spencer sterling necklace. Unable to sleep eat better look at is -- damn I'm on it seems I have my hat Tory Johnson and -- it over Twitter or -- and a sound. -- in the past bag and even -- I don't. You tonight where the wouldn't be modest two story what do you -- deal on the hill -- -- -- consented to. Regularly -- hundred -- -- -- 160 dollars depending on what you -- slash -- -- -- -- Good Morning America that coming -- -- you'll get all the killings of probable -- for these two -- -- as beset every -- until 10 PM today 10 PM eastern time we get -- -- the -- plus you talked about this morning -- -- -- -- ask for anything more -- what we always saying. You know law get -- they get there but we're not kidding but how -- -- these things you know all the and the thing -- every company has. Thousands and thousands of units so let you decide when he went to things like we put people on TV and they -- you know 200. Unit and they're gonna sell quickly everyone has thousands and thousands and thousands but we -- More than five million US's this out now there's nobody they can have five million of something just waiting around right so let me try really hard I don't want anything to sell I want everybody to be able to get what they want I think I -- -- so much to all of me -- -- two. Okay.

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{"id":18429782,"title":"Tory Johnson's Deals and Steals on GMA LIVE!","duration":"3:18","description":"Check out great discounts available for a limited-time.","url":"/GMA/video/tory-johnsons-deals-steals-gma-live-18429782","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}