Tropical Storm Isaac Delays Republican National Convention

RNC will start Tuesday, but most of the delegates have made it to Tampa despite the weather.
3:00 | 08/27/12

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Transcript for Tropical Storm Isaac Delays Republican National Convention
commemorative ceremony for katrina in saint befornard parish. The real work of the convention will now begin tuesday. Jon karl is outside the convention center. Reporter: We have had a lot of wind and rain. Convention officials are watching is isaac bearing down elsewhere on the gulf coast. The worst of isaac's wrath is bypassing tampa. The storm forced republicans to cancel one day of their convention and now threatens to overshadow the rest. The party chairman said republicans will be age to do in three days everything they planned to do in four. Have you had to eliminate speakers? No, we haven't had to eliminate anybody. Reporter: How did you do that? Shortened speeches. Cutting a little bit here and there. Maybe a few presentations. Not eliminating speakers. Reporter: The republican governors of florida, alabama, and louisiana, are now skipping the convention to deal with the storm. The governor of florida predicts no further disruptions. I'm confident it will be great convention. Reporter: Outside, the convention is being fortified with sandbags in case of flooding. All of the delegates have already arrived in tampa. They're ready to move forward. Come on down to tampa. It's great. Reporter: On day one, tomorrow, mitt romney will formally receive the nomination and the keynote address will be from new jersey's tough-talking governor, chris christie. The most anticipated speech of the night, perhaps of the convention, may be ann romney's. How is the speech? She's great. Reporter: On sunday, mitt romney talked about the importance of his wife, ann in his life. She's good at seeing things in ways that others don't see them and being able to provide that openly to me and I value it highly. Reporter: The biggest problem is optics. Nobody wants to have a big problem here while another city on the gulf coast gets ravaged by a hurricane. Thanks, jon. Let's go to diane. I'm looking forward to joining

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{"id":17085214,"title":"Tropical Storm Isaac Delays Republican National Convention","duration":"3:00","description":"RNC will start Tuesday, but most of the delegates have made it to Tampa despite the weather.","url":"/GMA/video/tropical-storm-isaac-delays-republican-national-convention-17085214","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}