Tropical Storm Isaac Hits Haiti, Heads Towards Florida

ABC News' extreme weather team has the latest on the Atlantic storm.
3:00 | 08/25/12

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Transcript for Tropical Storm Isaac Hits Haiti, Heads Towards Florida
the monster storm in the atlantic. Tropical storm isaac is battering haiti with torrential rain. It's now set to head straight for florida, as it grows into a hurricane. Our extreme weather team is spread out across the storm zone this morning. We'll start with alex perez on the front lines in PORT-au-PRINCE, HAITI. Alex? Reporter: We've been in the thick of this storm all night. It's been raining in PORT-au-PRINCE FOR 12 HOURS. At some points, the winds have been as much as 60 miles per hour. Isaac has been turning across the caribbean, battering puerto rico, and the dominican republic. And a number of other small islands, with heavy downpours and strong winds. Complicating the situation, this storm is moving extremely slowly. Here in haiti, aid workers who have been here since that devastating earthquake in 2010, say they are prepared to evacuate thousands of people, if necessary. The next 12 hours will be critical here, as this storm continues to make its way across the island. Dan? Thank you, alex. As isaac barrels towards america, hurricane warnings have just been posted for parts of southern florida, including the keys. That's where we find abc's matt gutman this morning. Matt, good morning to you. Reporter: Hey, good morning, dan. Moments ago, we spoke to officials here in the keys. They say they're going to issue a warning to the 25,000 visitors here that if they want to leave before the storm, they've got to do it this morning. That, as that storm bends back towards florida. You'll see a massive rush for provisions today. This morning, with the hurricane warning in effect, the scramble for provisions has begun. Florida's 19 million people, being told to stock enough food and water for three days. Several counties already declaring local states of emergency. In south florida, retailers temporarily out of water. As some residents installed hurricane shutters, others tying up their boats. But key west's mayor is mostly concerned about complacency. We're on an island. And directly having the damage that the hurricane can cause by the eyewall is very slim. Reporter: Visitors to this town say they're determined to ride out the storm. We're not leaving. We're in key west. Reporter: The state, taking things much more seriously, all schools and government buildings will be closed on monday. With only two primary ways out of here, the airport which will likely be closed at 45-mile-per-hour winds. And the major road, you can expect massive traffic jams. That, as this rush for provisions continues. Bianna? You can see the waves picking up behind you. All right, matt. Thank you. Now, let's get the very latest on the strength of tropical storm isaac and where it's heading next from abc meteorologist, ginger zee. Good morning, ginger. Good morning, everyone. The most important thing is that you knowing there are hurricane warnings out. It stretches just south of ft. Myers. That includes naples. Big cities included in the hurricane warning. Hurricane watch in effect, that includes miami. Tropical storm warning in orange. All the way up to west palm beach. Tropical storm watches. This is going to be a very busy weekend. Tomorrow, the bulk of it, into early monday morning for south florida. Here's what I want to show you next, that path. And explain it a little more. Tomorrow morning, 65-mile-per-hour winds, it slips into the open waters and becomes a hurricane. Then, key west monday morning. And slides up the southwest side of florida. By the time we reach tuesday, 2:00 a.M., It's 90-mile-per-hour winds, a category 1 hurricane. And this is where we get concerned. When it has the open gulf, where all the hot water is. UP EARP 80s. That's what it feeds on. It will be going into places like pensacola, maybe mobile. We'll be watching it, of course. We have an entire extreme team of meteorologists upstairs. Tropical storm-force winds will be felt into tampa early monday morning. This is not just one part of florida or just key west that gets affected. And the biggest element I need you to know about is flooding. This is going to be a flood storm. Some places, a foot or more.

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{"id":17078292,"title":"Tropical Storm Isaac Hits Haiti, Heads Towards Florida","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' extreme weather team has the latest on the Atlantic storm.","url":"/GMA/video/tropical-storm-isaac-hits-haiti-heads-florida-17078292","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}