TSA Adds Airport Security Fast Lanes

Submitting to a prescreening will allow you to skip the long checkpoint lines.
2:33 | 02/09/12

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Transcript for TSA Adds Airport Security Fast Lanes
Change is coming today in airport security that you -- -- a plane a whole lot easier for all of us. The government is easing up a lot of the -- brought in after 9/11 and ABC's senior national correspondent Jim apple. -- his -- -- busiest airports in the country in -- tells what explain it means for flyers good morning Jan. The morning Jordan is a huge change for the TSA which will no longer treat everyone -- goes through the security lines. As a terrorist instead -- the TSA will do is allow those who will. -- -- would submit to a background check and pass that background check to go through a separate faster line leaving everybody else to keep their shoes off and there. Jackets -- Shoes off jackets up laptops out cosmetics and plastic bags -- now. The TSA says these frustrating security measures have done their job. Making flying safer. But they concede it's now time to end this current system that treats every passenger. Like to potential terrorist fees to fund the fight and fight for 35 years. It's as eleven of course the -- went away and everyone's children seniors who considered a threat. But now a sea change that will by the end of the year mean the era of -- -- screening could be over. A new fast lane called -- -- to open at thirty of America's largest airports. It's part of a fundamental. Shift. And how we approach aviation security from Boston to New York in the east Chicago San Francisco and LA. Fast lanes and allow pre registered trusted travelers who've gone through fingerprinting and background checks to zip through the line. It's the more pre screening we can do. The more likely it is that person would be -- issues on key to build on the light jacket flap -- and -- in the briefcase things like that. And LA acts with a program has been tested for months TSA says it's working cutting lines in screening time dramatic. We time two passengers one in the regular security in six minutes ten seconds to make -- -- And one in the fast -- just 54%. I use -- for the first time two weeks ago news. A nice surprise is suspect because I have works later this. So this will be happening yet more than thirty airports by the end of the year across the country. It would it means for most of us is that if you submit to this background check you'll be able to -- through a new line keeping your jacket on and your shoes on. Good news for fliers -- -- at the other lines as well I think Jim thanks very much.

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{"id":15545574,"title":"TSA Adds Airport Security Fast Lanes","duration":"2:33","description":"Submitting to a prescreening will allow you to skip the long checkpoint lines.","url":"/GMA/video/tsa-adds-airport-security-fast-lanes-15545574","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}