Turning Robin Williams into 'Aladdin's' Genie

Disney animators show how they convinced Williams to voice the iconic character.
6:14 | 08/15/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Turning Robin Williams into 'Aladdin's' Genie
In his standup Robin Williams didn't shy away from his demons you may have an alcoholic. You'll violated standard we're gonna you can lower them. You will -- and -- the devil would go. But today his wife telling the world of a battle Williams had. Been ready to pull -- back. Robin sobriety was intact season Schneider said in a written statement. He was brave as he struggled with his own battles of depression anxiety as well as early stages. Of Parkinson's disease which he was not yet ready to share publicly. Early parkinson's. Consists of -- -- a little bit of slowness and perhaps posture rule changes so that people leaned forward. Around a million and a half Americans suffer from parkinson's and depression is often an integral part of the disease. Disproportionate. Number of parkinson's patients twenty to 40%. Suffers severe depression. I wouldn't want to leave people with the impression that there is a direct relationship. Between parkinson's and depression. Certainly people can be discouraged when they hear about the diagnosis. That's quite different than being depressed. Michael J. Fox who was diagnosed with parkinson's in 1991 tonight tweeted stunned to -- Robin had PD pretty sure his support for our foundation. Predated. His diagnosis. A true friend. I wish him peace Susan -- -- hopes others might live learning a lesson. He died. It is our hope in the wake of -- tragic passing she said. That others will find the strength to seek the care and support they need to treat whatever battles they -- facing. Today may feel less -- eight. We wanted to give our hearts and prayers are often is -- Don't follow on Broadway that cost of Aladdin and the man that's failing williams' genie shoes -- An appropriate tribute. At -- you live in the -- you. Since Robin williams' death it is this -- that genie in Latin that many are choosing to remember him smile. All joking aside to Steve's health. The genie is a cartoon manifestation of -- voiced by Williams hasn't wanted him in Houston Oakland. He's drawn by and a major Eric Goldberger a movie made by our parent company. It just speaks to. Province. -- abilities and warmth. -- And Yunnan is. We'll give -- -- such creek and then back. This was a role created for Williams in a time before big movie stars voiced animated movies and time before real belly laugh humor was a cornerstone of big screen cartoons. But now there are -- and. -- in a. Robin williams' -- It changed all our -- both animators when we start directors Ron Clements and John -- took a risk and wrote the role for Williams and to convince and to take it we Goldberg animated lines from an old. Williams -- -- argue that -- like to talk about the very serious -- of its opponent. I had the GE grow another head. To argue with himself in the animation and I think that really clicked -- there was a script we started with the script my. I sat on -- show can make by half a manages in -- -- got a lot and when we got robbed him in the Booth. You know if that's a road map and Robin took lots of detours. Why does -- middle class. -- -- -- -- Energy would grow and grow and grow. Would be at a point where we would feel like we've got so much stuff this is incredible when he would like let me do it again let's make. And making a -- and captured some. Crazy -- magnificent -- -- Potential punctual -- tonight. We didn't expect him to come back with all the celebrity impressions the first time we recorded -- I never did I am not at full. You need -- how -- of -- people from it. You know. So we -- adapted. We incorporated. Robbins -- -- into the fabric. Of the film. And impressive. Parade Sparky he used the -- Now a lot of people may recognize Robbins impression of William F Buckley and there are few provides is a couple -- Is that nobody got nearly -- workers on -- were I think it doesn't matter. And sometimes he would just say hysterically funny line only once and we would have to pluck it out so for example when when he was the -- Yeah I'm -- at us and he -- it was. Once he only did it once -- I mean -- You. He can do so much with his forties to make -- expressive to make it change moods to make it be different characters. -- I don't have that voice attached to that brain -- -- Exactly. It's kind of a 12 punch there really. Rock and she got to get to -- -- now substitutions -- his every half. A mind that that -- -- was something special and unique -- and went to places most of us have never repent. The anarchic spirit and his passion and his his connection to -- the characters in the movie and the audience. I don't think that's gonna -- over the years -- And couldn't miss you. Eric Goldberg. Through this trip to Robert Williams -- as a realized she was. You know and -- -- Dugard and her wishes and what anybody's. You always be a -- -- me I'm netbook for Nightline in Los Angeles.

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{"id":24994746,"title":"Turning Robin Williams into 'Aladdin's' Genie","duration":"6:14","description":"Disney animators show how they convinced Williams to voice the iconic character.","url":"/GMA/video/turning-robin-williams-aladdins-genie-24994746","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}