Tuskegee Airmen Give Robin Special Gift

Roscoe Brown, Leon Johnson present "GMA" anchor with an Airmen's jacket.
0:22 | 01/18/12

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Transcript for Tuskegee Airmen Give Robin Special Gift
Some special guest the president of the Tuskegee airman brigadier general Leon Johnson. Along with doctor Roscoe brown -- -- make sure this movie was true to life. -- very true -- to shoot down planes over Berlin which is what we did he certainly did the original Tuskegee airmen he is a red Palin need help. A presentation and it. Yes. Robin the men and women Tuskegee -- incorporated want to recognize you for being in the spotlight. That that illuminated the cup accomplishments of the documented original Tuskegee year old -- -- not only flu and maintain fighter aircraft during World War II. But also flew -- maintained B 25 bombers as well -- supported those bombers. They also pioneered. Demanding equality of treatment. Your father colonel Lawrence Roberts would be proud of what you have done to recognize the accomplishments of the men and women who are the documented original Tuskegee here. Congratulations. We want to give you this ridge area. I remember -- -- -- area where his red jacket to the reunions. And we have they. The program back in 2003. So the farmer that don't except that's it right there and we were -- -- and field and see my data. His red jackets of thank you gentlemen thanks very much are people who won merit -- you agree Jack yeah. Only Michael -- -- Not obviously you don't think generally I think we're -- and I think -- yeah. If you are -- -- very your religion.

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{"id":15385748,"title":"Tuskegee Airmen Give Robin Special Gift","duration":"0:22","description":"Roscoe Brown, Leon Johnson present \"GMA\" anchor with an Airmen's jacket.","url":"/GMA/video/tuskegee-airmen-give-robin-special-gift-15385748","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}