TV Chef Rachael Ray Whips Up Wickedly Delicious Dishes

Food Network star shows "GMA" anchors festive recipes timed for Halloween.
3:57 | 10/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for TV Chef Rachael Ray Whips Up Wickedly Delicious Dishes
Our friend great so rated -- -- making you believe. This anyone cook books the 21 is out right now just -- it's called weaken the day. Legitimate as conditions from some of that -- a little bit about this first week ended a very simple idea -- day is you know everybody's best -- -- you have a long day gets stuck at work. It's scheduled becomes a -- -- feel -- he just went home and eat grapefruit. So we -- a days a concept that in one day. You can make up to five nights worth of meals so he can go home and dinners are being done there's as a bonus section in the -- Three males and one vaccine that's that he expressed clambering on three -- -- and that needs all the Hollywood the only Hollywood and Halloween not let me not to show you a week that we did. For Halloween specifically. So these are super healthy little Jack O lantern isn't -- peppers and we stopped them at the rat -- series. So this is your basic zucchini eggplant peppers garlic. Tiny bit it's -- made out and then we combine it. With some army judge Reggie I'm not and some bread crumbs and -- any and all vegetable unhealthy. And then you stop -- insight yet certain that stirred up. And you just stuff it inside -- little peppers. Cook like this at home I do you -- -- methods. I think they get this -- -- that's sweet that -- had to tell really fun little healthy treat for the kids before they drop ticker treating. You nets them contaminated tomatoes often -- than it looks like -- and that's a great big fat meal. All of the recipes how you -- -- them that's in every instruction in the book how to -- -- -- -- So this is -- one of all five of them out he's back on the stand here now night out event not next. We have bloody -- this. -- grown up. I'm being married and eight six OK all right Scott salary garlic onions. Vodka let the market -- -- When celery salt and -- effort. Spicy V8 juice. Forced to share. -- -- -- -- A little bit -- thought. I'm. A little better -- worse brownish. So it's got a -- -- and new car and your fire residents and made. Yeah. Yeah. And -- you're ready look at this it's so beautiful when it's done these. Yeah course patent related. Then you just -- learned is that not delusional about Smart okay good that's part of credit ratings service. You make grilled cheese. -- Son you assume I used to have a lot of them -- there. Yeah they're delicious cellular take up -- -- she's on my -- with chatter and you put on top of the bloody Mary citizens of the kids can have the -- Jack about first. They're grownups can have the bloody -- -- the grill cheese and all of these are making had -- and Artie Copeland simply about Tina. We authentic Italian red capital. -- -- -- -- Often enough and we -- the garlic beef and Angela. All of those in one day and just commonly -- -- -- -- -- yeah I -- it's a traditionalist who writes them -- like them. -- -- -- -- That all of these -- are healthy well balanced a great -- get the point is what do you make one meal to meals are buying meals. He's got food at home. After Eric. -- are you always make me feel like I can help you can't do it as you can do what I'm getting their way out of there and what they're doing is right -- how long. Nearly a week when he first -- -- -- when there's a similar signings aren't you -- New York. Cancer rates -- racial every weekdays check local listings.

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{"id":20655874,"title":"TV Chef Rachael Ray Whips Up Wickedly Delicious Dishes","duration":"3:57","description":"Food Network star shows \"GMA\" anchors festive recipes timed for Halloween. ","url":"/GMA/video/tv-chef-rachael-ray-whips-wickedly-delicious-dishes-20655874","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}