Twitter to Go Public as Wall Street Hits Record High

Betty Lui discusses new highs in the stock market and Twitter's IPO.
1:35 | 11/07/13

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Transcript for Twitter to Go Public as Wall Street Hits Record High
the stock market set another record yesterday. A big day ahead. Investors will be able to buy stock in twitter for the first time. Betty liu here with more on all that. The climb continues. I've seen some analysts call this -- that's good news for 401(k)S. The holidays are coming early. We talked about lower gas prices earlier. Now, you have fatter retirement accounts. The dow jumped about 129 points YESTERDAY, TO ITS 33rd-RECORD High. We've seen a gain of about 20% in stocks this year. If you put $10,000 on january 1st, YOU'D BE $2,000 RICHER. Can buy nice gifts. You have the ipo for twitter today. We remember what happened when facebook launched. And twitter went to school on that. Yes. They don't want to be facebook 2.0. They don't have it ending there. I think they've done a couple of things differently. They've been very safe. Played it safe. And worked pretty well. They're going to be starting trade at $26 a share. And one analyst told me it could pop up maybe about 20% to 30% and come down a little bit from there. They have done a couple things differently. They told investors about all the risks they have listed on the new york stock exchange. And maybe the most important of all, there's no ceo in a hoodie running the place. What does it mean for the average investor? The average investor, it means there's a feel-good effect here. Companies are coming to the market. You know, facebook helped the stock market later on. Now, twitter -- investors are buying into this. Betty liu, thanks very much.

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{"id":20813583,"title":"Twitter to Go Public as Wall Street Hits Record High","duration":"1:35","description":"Betty Lui discusses new highs in the stock market and Twitter's IPO.","url":"/GMA/video/twitter-public-wall-street-hits-record-high-20813583","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}