UC-Davis Students Pepper-Sprayed for Protest

Two police officers were placed on leave after videos surfaced after protest.
2:33 | 11/21/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for UC-Davis Students Pepper-Sprayed for Protest
At a California University on Friday UC Davis. Two officers placed on leave this weekend and now a growing number of people -- calling for the university chancellor to resign. We're gonna have an exclusive interview with her in just a moment but first ABC Cecilia Vega is in Davis California with the latest good morning see -- Good morning Robin the -- of the university's ten campus system says he is appalled by what happened out here. He plans to speak with each of the campus chancellors today it is now promising a top to bottom review of campus police saying. There are six different angles and each image is crystal clear. And the student protesters -- peacefully and huddled on the ground. UC Davis lieutenant takes out his canister of pepper -- pointed directly at their faces and sprays them one by -- When he reaches the end of the line he -- circles back and does it all over again. And -- -- said that he would spreads. I had no idea that that was coming until it was -- in my face I think the way they responded. To shows that it for them it's about power not about. Not about actual moral implications of their actions. It began when Occupy Wall Street protesters set up tents on the UC Davis campus police ordered the camp cleared by 3 PM Friday. At 330 police in riot -- showed up to remove the remaining protesters and the pepper spraying began. The university's police chief says the students -- -- the officers and police felt trapped. It was for the safety the officers in the arrest -- so they can get out so we could meet we were looking to leave. And in making him. Two officers are on lead but outraged students and faculty are now calling for the chancellor's resignation. When he not only to the video showing -- pepper spray. Let's take this moment over the weekend when chancellor Linda can take he reportedly waited two hours in a nearby building before walking through its silent gauntlet of protesters. And there is a huge student protest planned for later today and George UC Davis -- chancellor says she plans to directly address the student body then.

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{"id":14996508,"title":"UC-Davis Students Pepper-Sprayed for Protest","duration":"2:33","description":"Two police officers were placed on leave after videos surfaced after protest.","url":"/GMA/video/uc-davis-students-pepper-sprayed-peacful-protest-caught-14996508","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}