Unclaimed Money: Free Cash at Mall of America?

Elisabeth Leamy helps shoppers find unexpected money owed to them.
3:00 | 09/30/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Unclaimed Money: Free Cash at Mall of America?
there are literally billions, billions with a "b" of unclaimed cash, money owed to you that you may not even know existed. Enter elisabeth leamy, she sets up shop at the mall of america to reunite shoppers with the money. Reporter: At the mall of america, people expect this -- after all, this over the top shopping center is known for its indoor roll er coasters and the adrenaline rush that goes with it. We have teamed up with the minnesota department of commerce to give back free, yes free, money. Right in the middle of the mall. You guys want to find some money? Reporter: There's just one problem. Want some money? You sure. Reporter: These skeptical shoppers don't believe us. We got thousands of dollars. Millions of dollars. Reporter: But they should. Statistics show 1 in 10 of us have unclaimed money waiting. Forgotten apartment security deposits. Final paychecks that you didn't pick up and money left to you from loved ones. Minnesota commerce department chair loves giving it back. You never know, it could be $1,000 or tens of thousands of dollars that's your money. Reporter: Katy westin is one of the doubters. Can we change her mind? Yes. With a nice find. 675 for from her extended family if other see the hubbub and start to line up at at the station. She searched her grandmother's name. 1625. Reporter: Wow. She's retired. Reporter: Jason bennett checked his mom's name and found $2,600 in insurance money. Spend it on the grand kids. Reporter: As the day goes on, the checks get even bigger. Interthis family. Then, a snag. We'll be right back with you. All right, let's go have some fun, though. Reporter: We send them off to try one of the mall of america's ride rides,. Look at this. I got 65,466.85 for you. Reporter: How can $66,000 be bittersweet, it was left to them when their parents die. Their mom always wanted to go to italy but didn't make it. They planned to use the money to travel there in her honor the entire extended family approves. Show me the money mobile strikes again. We gave back more than $87,500 in minnesota. So the next time you go to the mall you never know, maybe instead of spending money you'll be getting money. For "good morning america," elisabeth leamy, abc news, bloomington, minnesota. The family, $65,000, they're going to go now to italy or they can buy six coffee makers. If you want to find any unclaimed money of your own, check out www.Unclaimed.Org. Keep it here on "good morning america." After the break, the world's best cup of coffee brought to you by the geniuses from apple,

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{"id":17359237,"title":"Unclaimed Money: Free Cash at Mall of America?","duration":"3:00","description":"Elisabeth Leamy helps shoppers find unexpected money owed to them.","url":"/GMA/video/unclaimed-money-free-cash-mall-america-17359237","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}