Jobs Report: Creation Up, But Is it Enough?

Bianna Golodryga on why the lower unemployment rate is not as good as it seems.
0:58 | 12/02/11

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Transcript for Jobs Report: Creation Up, But Is it Enough?
New evidence this morning of the struggle millions of Americans face in this economy among people who lost their jobs after the 2008 financial crisis. Only 7%. Say they've been able to bounce back. And returned to their previous financial status so are things at least starting to get better question for GMA weekend anchor beyond and poetry got there was some insight from morning to you. Josh good morning to you the government just -- now with the latest jobs figures for the month of November -- -- -- that the economy added 120000. Jobs. Including some healthy growth in the private sector. But here's the big news the unemployment rate dropped from 9% to eight point 6% that's the lowest level since march of 2009. -- that seems like a great number but one major reason for that drop is number of people who have given up searching for work and are therefore no longer count it. Despite the growth we're seeing the economy still -- -- creating enough jobs to keep up with population growth. We need around 300000 jobs added each month to really make some progress on that front.

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{"id":15073446,"title":"Jobs Report: Creation Up, But Is it Enough?","duration":"0:58","description":"Bianna Golodryga on why the lower unemployment rate is not as good as it seems.","url":"/GMA/video/united-states-jobs-report-creation-sign-improving-economy-15073446","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}