Bitter Winter Begins for East Coast

Temperatures plummet as far south as Florida after cold front hits Eastern U.S.
2:13 | 01/03/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bitter Winter Begins for East Coast
Moving on now after the blast of freezing weather that's about to slam the entire East Coast from New England all the way to Florida winter yet it is officially here. Neurologist and -- is right outside tracking it for -- good morning ginger. Good morning -- good morning everyone no snow yet in Times Square but plenty of cold and we have new information related to this. -- latest blast of winter and Allegiant airlines coming into Youngstown Ohio carrying 150 passengers slid it. Off the runway thanks to the -- you can -- their radar now they still have that lake effect snow banning and we still well have some travel -- As of right now no injuries reported but as far as this latest instant winter. It's only the beginning. It was a fast blast of winter in Michigan over fifteen inches of snow. Northeastern Ohio -- ten inches we may not have had much of a white Christmas but we're catching up fast in the new year. When you step outside today it's hard to believe December was one of the warmest on record. Just last week the bikes are out and the mid westerners were hitting the links we have been very spoiled it's been nice as far as the snow it's not over. Up to a foot plus will fall in western new York and Pennsylvania through Wednesday Chicago's highways looking more like ice skating rinks then Rhodes it is kind of made his real -- The storm causing headaches for drivers -- turning for vacation multi vehicle car crashes in Indiana and in Kentucky. A 41 car pileup with eight injured. A winter chill is now sweeping the East Coast from Maine to Florida. Millions of Americans waking up to their real first frigid blast of winter. At butterfly world in Coconut Creek Florida the beautiful creatures are moving indoors -- if he gets below freezing. -- -- -- -- -- But not everyone is racing inside for those -- passion for outdoor winter sports has been stifled -- -- This icy blast couldn't come to -- got a war Dead Kennedys. The only way. So just how cold is it let me show you wind chills as of right now are in a single digits and sub zero for some and this is only the beginning tomorrow morning. And also in the Thursday percent deep freezes look at tomorrow morning for Florida. Below freezing and Miami at 38.

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{"id":15278394,"title":"Bitter Winter Begins for East Coast","duration":"2:13","description":"Temperatures plummet as far south as Florida after cold front hits Eastern U.S.","url":"/GMA/video/united-states-weather-bitter-winter-begins-east-coast-15278394","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}