UPS Cargo Jet Crashed Near Alabama Airport

NTSB official updates on the crash near Birmingham International Airport.
5:28 | 08/14/13

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Transcript for UPS Cargo Jet Crashed Near Alabama Airport
This is a special report from -- soon. Hello everyone anti Hernandez in New York -- -- ABC news digital special report. A US cargo plane crashed on approach to Birmingham Alabama's international airport this morning. Erupting into a huge explosion when the Airbus 300 hit the ground. On board a pilot and co pilot both of whom died in the impact. An open -- just outside the airport National Transportation Safety Board is now beginning the investigation into what went wrong. There holding a news conference -- -- she asked getting under way let's listen. Good morning. Good morning. I am Robert some walls and on the board member of what the national transportation safety. The NTSB is just now launching two. To investigate to begin the investigation. Of the UPS. Air car crash involving an IU PS Airbus -- 300 -- 600. This airplane was flying from -- wolf that approach it crashed while on approach to runway 18. -- Birmingham international airport. Before I go any further. On behalf of the NTSB. I would like to -- express our sincere condolences. To those that affected by this tragic accident. We will be launching here from the Washington national airport just a matter of minutes. In addition to our go team we have an investigator from Atlanta -- should be arriving on scene any minute now. We will be arriving before noon Birmingham time. The NTSB investigation will be led by an investigator in charge doctor Dan Bauer. And he will be accompanied by. Experts in the area of structures. Power plants. Systems. Air traffic control. Human performance. Aircraft performance. And a number of other disciplines. Also accompanying the -- team. Also accompanying -- -- team will be representatives from the NTSB's office. Of transportation disaster assistance. We'll be assisting those. With -- family related matters. For the latest information on our investigation we would encourage you to follow us on Twitter. And our Twitter handle is at NTSB. And follow us on our website www. NTSB. Dot. We do want to -- hurry and get out to the airplane so that we can get down to Birmingham. Get our boots on the ground. Before I go I will answer three questions first question. Status at the -- pilots involved crashes were there any other injuries are. Casualties -- any updates on the any information regarding casualties. The information -- regarding the extent of the casualties will be released by the local authorities. Actually on the runway you know. Where did the airplane actually crash was -- actually -- -- approach her what did crash actually on the runway. We have not been there to actually get get there and survey -- that's exactly what we will begin doing. Once we get the Birmingham. We will be documenting the wreckage so that will be part of our investigation. I'll take one last question mark -- you expect to recover black boxes -- likens them. Will do we expect to be able to recover black boxes we have not even -- there to be able to look at the at the wreckage yet but I will tell you that the board has. Very good success rate was being able to to recover they the recorders so at this point I'm optimistic that we will be able. To recover those. So we are going to get our way we're going to Bora Bora an airplane again we should be in Birmingham by noon their time. Actually we should be there by eleven their time we will be updating you as we find out information. And I want to thank you very much. For covering this story. -- -- -- -- as Roberts some walked into his B board member with a very brief. Update on that crash of the UPS cargo plane in Birmingham Alabama -- didn't have much to add. In terms of casualties they have not yet released any casualties but as we have reported her ABC news affiliate in Birmingham has reported that the pilot and co pilot died in the crash again and -- not confirming that. And they're not exactly sure of the location of the plane although they do believe it crashed on approach. To the airport in the field just outside -- main runway. This has been an ABC news digital special report we will be updating you the NTSB heading now at this very moment to Birmingham. They expect to be there. By eleven Birmingham time.

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{"id":19956544,"title":"UPS Cargo Jet Crashed Near Alabama Airport","duration":"5:28","description":"NTSB official updates on the crash near Birmingham International Airport.","url":"/GMA/video/ups-cargo-jet-crashed-alabama-airport-19956544","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}