Uruguay Player Appears to Bite Opponent in World Cup Match

Luis Suarez faces potential punishment after allegedly biting Giorgio Chiellini on the shoulder during a recent game.
4:29 | 06/25/14

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Transcript for Uruguay Player Appears to Bite Opponent in World Cup Match
Now to the player in the biting incident in the world cup watched by millions. Overnight, the serious charges that soccer superstar is facing that could end his career. Paula Faris brings that story from beautiful Rio this morning. Good morning, Paula. Reporter: And good morning, robin. Just to give you a sense of how many people were talking about him before the bite, he was mentioned a hundred thousands times on Twitter, afterwards, 2 million. It quickly became the chomp seen around the world. This morning hungry for victory has a new meaning, Uruguay's Luis Suarez seeming to sink his teeth into his opponent's shoulder yesterday. The cameras didn't get it. Suarez, falling and grabbing his teeth, and the Italian defense man flashing the alleged teeth marks, demanding the ref call foul, but he didn't -- and moments later. Uruguay scored the winning goal that sent Italy home. Afterwards, he was angry. Suarez is a sneak, he says, and he gets away with it. You should not make such a big deal about it. Though he never admitted or denied the chomp. And overnight, fifa charging Suarez with assaulting an opponent, and a ban of up to two years. And evander Holyfield said any part of the body sis up for eating. And Suarez, aptly nicknamed the cannibal flashed his fangs before, suspended twice for earlier incidents. We were told it's part of the game. You do it. Reporter: Meantime, team usa, hungry for the matchup against Germany on Thursday. They're a team that can win the world cup. They're talented enough to do that, but we have seen in this group almost anything goes. Reporter: And fifa soccer's governing body will rule before Saturday, when he's next scheduled to play. If found guilty, there's a good chance he will not play again this world cup. They are acting so quickly, it's out of character for fifa. Alexi lalas joins us from Rio. So charged overnight, what do you think is going to happen? I think they're going to ding him. They should. We can vilify him. And this is complete madness. And he needs help. And if I had done something like this, remember, this is a repeat offender, not the first time. I would be shouting from the rooftops I did not bite him. We don't hear that. The stories I read a month ago, he talked about turning over a new leaf, he was worried that his antics on and off the field may reflect poorly on his children and thoughts of his children. It overshadows a wonderful result from Uruguay beating Italy, but this is all we talk about, rightfully so, because Suarez always gives us something to talk about. Let's talk about something else, then. Let's talk about team usa. The big match with Germany coming up. Give us the latest on the preparations for that match. Reporter: Some of the same problems that the U.S. Had in the -- in the last game they will have in this game. No jozy altidore. So Clint Dempsey W did a good job against Portugal will be out there and asked to go up top. That's something that's happening. But the U.S. Finds itself in this third game against Germany in a position they're comfortable in. They knew it was going to come down to the third game. It possibly could have come down to the second game, that was wonderful. They had it in the palm of their hand. That goal that everyone talked about, but now they can do anything. They can do anything against Germany. It's going to be fun. I hope it leaves you speechless again, but for a different reason, because of victory. All right, thanks so much for joining us as always. There's the salute. And you can watch the big usa/germany match on ESPN, 11:00 eastern. And four world cup games on ESPN and espn2. A lot of action.

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{"id":24294558,"title":"Uruguay Player Appears to Bite Opponent in World Cup Match ","duration":"4:29","description":"Luis Suarez faces potential punishment after allegedly biting Giorgio Chiellini on the shoulder during a recent game.","section":"GMA","mediaType":"US ONLY 08"}