US Loses to Germany, Advances to Next Round

Despite 1-0 loss, Team USA moves on to the World Cup's round of 16.
1:35 | 06/26/14

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Transcript for US Loses to Germany, Advances to Next Round
It seemed almost impossible on paper they suspect now USA. Teen USA survived the so called group of death -- heading to the World Cup knockout round. This is a huge huge -- and now we can't wait for -- round of sixteen. The US lost 10 -- Germany that with Portugal's 21 win over not that I'm World Cup -- goes on. The group you know was left -- us. The conditions were -- today a drenching rain there's still hot and humid. Germany dominated for much of the matched the punishing attack that left the US defense rambling. Mr. -- claims that it Jermaine Jones says -- in the first fifteen minutes US squad had too much respect for German. Number two team in the world. Howard was under pressure the home team Germany had six shots on goal of US zero -- -- do you wanna go far. You need one of the best -- it was in the world. And -- have one. Team USA is captured the nation's detentions. Seemed that the whole country was to use this afternoon's hot summer camp. Offices and outdoor game watch. Even President Obama was glued to his TV watching the game on Air Force One ABC's George Stephanopoulos. Team USA now has -- Casey get ready for Tuesday's game and it is do or die winners move on a losers packed up and go home. US soccer fans are not ready for this ride to be over Karen Travers ABC news Washington.

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{"id":24322880,"title":"US Loses to Germany, Advances to Next Round","duration":"1:35","description":"Despite 1-0 loss, Team USA moves on to the World Cup's round of 16.","section":"GMA","mediaType":"US ONLY 08"}