Should U.S. Parents Be More French?

New book "Bringing Up Bebe" scolds Americans for spoiling their kids.
4:17 | 02/02/12

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Transcript for Should U.S. Parents Be More French?
Time -- a take a look at a new book about the burn up the mommy blogs by arguing that all of us American parents should be more French. It's called bringing a bad day in and gently scold us for spoiling our kids. Finland's teaching got the -- she joins us now -- right I suspect so George we don't just spoil our kids we spoil them rotten according to this new book. By hyper parenting in making our kids the -- of our world. I spent time with one French family who feels that kids -- kids. But that grownups should parents like -- It's a new culture clash from the people who bring you Botha could tours and -- cuisine and French parenting is now all the -- The hot new look bringing of them it suggests French mothers -- yeah. So in Missouri is raising three kids in America parenting with panache. Do you -- The French have a right and that Americans are just completely -- parenting. Maybe but at the same time we -- -- a lot from. American people -- student -- there's a basic lesson in the language of French parenting starting with food. In fact I boots helmets and in the hopes of US house. And that results from the back and Italy is in Joliet. -- my game. I'm doing something wrong. Look good today the one and only -- -- four in the afternoon French children don't -- all day. French kids eat what I don't see is what -- yes yes a lot of the restaurant -- -- -- -- in to its menu because they don't think -- treaty diverse. We talked to some American moms to bloggers and authors of the book the mothers of reinvention. -- Pate and -- -- -- -- don't agree with everything in bringing up their day though they sheepishly admit that when it comes to cuisine the French may have the advantage. I made the mistake. Of -- the kids -- -- in the adult fare I had to do some serious like damage control after a few years. There's also La -- the phrase the author Pamela drug Roman coins don't jump -- your child's every whimper. French mothers allow their babies even as young as six weeks old to drive for a few minutes while training them to go back to sleep from Rome how -- -- when they started treatment for the night. Three months. Next comes a tall which means wait -- -- patients not immediate gratification. But saying you can't always get what you want the French also say the kids -- the center of the universe. I think my children of course snapped trees are really important that's at the same time I have us I have. I -- so for me pay its assault -- -- hence we can make our kids the center of the universe. England. Have our own passions and interests outside of that so they're not mutually exclusive I don't think they're mutually exclusive the fourth and final French word. You don't. No means no don't negotiate. -- -- -- -- -- It is what every time -- that -- and that parents and they on the children so. I think it's okay to -- notes that the kids. And yet the American moms beg to differ my -- -- deal lawyer when he's older he's negotiator so. Negotiation is an important part of growing up and it's a -- you need to learn and ended the data do need to know what you know it's they do need you now but -- -- tiger mom is saying that. Americans are too lazy and the French -- are saying that Americans are -- -- hyper parenting it. Different cultures different philosophies -- -- melting pot and we take a little bit of all of the cultures that we were born with so. Hope we kind of pick and choose and and Nina Kraft the right little experience brass got the food and that is the facts and they're not getting -- parenting. We are now parents are. There is no question. Go USA wells Elaine our -- mom pointed out that here are -- because they don't get enough help. In France she points out that their subsidized day care and child care programs. But this book raises a provocative macro question which is. Are we raising a generation of entitled children's arts and we want to get every went home to weigh in on that today who's -- the better -- parenting Americans in the French. Do that energy and AM on -- Smartphone.

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{"id":15497571,"title":"Should U.S. Parents Be More French?","duration":"4:17","description":"New book \"Bringing Up Bebe\" scolds Americans for spoiling their kids. ","url":"/GMA/video/us-parents-french-parenting-bringing-up-bebe--15497571","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}