US Troops Finally Spending Christmas with Family

Captain Dawn McCracken-Bruce surprises her kids with return from Iraq.
3:31 | 12/25/11

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Transcript for US Troops Finally Spending Christmas with Family
Christmas is a time for family but for the past eight Christmas as tens of thousands of US troops have spent the holiday -- warn you rock instead of being at home. But not this year all US combat troops are finally out of Iraq and Iran was there when one US service woman made it home just in time for Christmas this is a great series. Really is -- army captain Don McCracken Bruce from most of the past year in Iraq. -- got back to the US just a few weeks ago but until a few days ago they were still stuck in Texas. Going through processing she had no idea what should make it home -- here to year old and four year old sons and husbands and Pittsburgh. But as you're about to see this Christmas story has a very happy and for two little kids. Very surprise ending. Always a smile on her face always kissing one of her boys Tyson and Dominic. That's Don McCracken Bruce -- Tenet. Don McCracken -- station but this year captain McCracken Bruce -- has been most of her time separated from her family she shipped out to Iraq last march. And that's where she's pretty much been ever sense -- you started -- as it might. Finally just days ago she arrived back in the State's economy weather right before -- special Christmas surprise -- she planned for science. I email them -- Robinson where we always take the kids every year for Sana. And they were gracious enough to work with us that all I want it was an -- -- So -- -- Scott in on the boys were taken to experts Robinson mall to meet Santa. Get excited now with their kids -- early in the dark -- -- -- from the backcourt -- of the -- I'm taking -- I'm not quite nervous excited they're gonna ask. It just a few seconds the children's Christmas wish is about. To come true we have a surprise coming this is going to be really good. Home my goodness gracious sakes here -- surprise. Who is this I mean. -- -- -- -- -- I was real deal I think I think -- homes and shot I don't think they thought I was out and. FFF. What Don did know was that there was a surprise waiting for her to. At the other end of the mall. The CD -- you. A star spangled -- By the -- from the high school she'd gone to. As -- played from hundreds of shoppers in the mall a standing ovation one of their own. Finally back home finally with their families. And what a wonderful Christmas here for the entire Bruce family but especially for Dominick and Tyson. But it may not be the most -- post Christmas Holiday -- next few days but I have to pack up and moved to Indianapolis were gone will be stationed next but more good news for the family. This time it looks like he's going to be home to stay for awhile.

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{"id":15230337,"title":"US Troops Finally Spending Christmas with Family","duration":"3:31","description":"Captain Dawn McCracken-Bruce surprises her kids with return from Iraq. ","url":"/GMA/video/us-troops-finally-spending-christmas-family-15230337","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}