Utah Avalanche: Man's Friends to the Rescue

Snowmobiler is lucky to be alive after being buried under 10 feet of snow.
2:09 | 03/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Utah Avalanche: Man's Friends to the Rescue
Out to a stunning story of being buried alive. A snowmobile or cruising down a regular run when a gigantic wave of snow and avalanche overtook them and left timber fighting for his life and his friends. Frantically searching for an Josh is here with more on that story and what we've been seeing a lot of these -- stories of people surviving. Certainly have as the fresh snow six in generous quantities Tyson black was it points -- -- job this past Sunday. When he was suddenly buried under ten feet of snow from more than twenty minutes as you -- friend -- the entire thing on tape. And Tyson black has his friends now to thank for saving his life. -- told by now. Tyson black was barreling down the mountain one hand on his snowmobile. The other hand desperately trying to create an air pocket around his face. Because he knew he would soon be buried in snow. Tyson was able to poke his arms out of the snow before he fell into a deep -- trapped under the snow unconscious for several minutes unable to move. But still able to -- It's really couldn't believe that was actually happening -- -- -- -- thinking we're invincible after more than twenty minutes of frantic searching. The snow heavy and dense his friends were able to locate him heavy heavy stuff since -- Mean he shovel -- with just a work to get it -- and now finally they were able to dig him out. Other than a bruised knee Tyson suffered no significant injuries and was back at work the next day. Also no injuries reported 5000 miles away in the French Alps were dozens of skiers were left dangling in mid air. After an avalanche there rolled to a ski resort in the so -- region. Just look at this wall of snow as the mountain literally seems to collapse. Several skiers had to be rescued by helicopter. And one more note on Tyson black in fact he says he usually wears an avalanche beacon was not wearing one. When the accident happened thankfully again his friends were actually watching -- and -- -- wearing that avalanche back at. -- -- that we've seen recently all right Josh thanks so much what a story.

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{"id":15856230,"title":"Utah Avalanche: Man's Friends to the Rescue","duration":"2:09","description":"Snowmobiler is lucky to be alive after being buried under 10 feet of snow.","url":"/GMA/video/utah-avalanche-mans-friends-rescue-15856230","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}