Valentine's Day Secret Deals and Steals

Tory Johnson has all the deep-discount deals for your great date.
3:54 | 02/02/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Valentine's Day Secret Deals and Steals
-- -- -- Our special Valentine's Day edition of secret deals deals -- less than two weeks ago Torrey Johnson it was all kinds of deep discounts and -- Everything at least 50% off gas. Absolutely doing really great and we as -- say everything -- lost -- as last you have to go to Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo! to get the specific links and promo codes. To access and EV DO ordered figuring he'd get a -- them you'll get a announcements and opinions that -- -- of their outline. -- so here are three different -- companies they are all women don't business is they've got great national recognition. And that he got a little rice -- cheat there's this company -- called the Chris Bury this -- on the -- deal so check this that you get a box like this stop just coming in that sense you get you get a box like this -- six gigantic. Trees Krispy treats. Regularly for the six -- -- 21 dollars but we're slashing at half ten dollars and fifty cents produce a -- yeah. Can't beat that -- Digital but I wanna try I. Wanna tell us it's really hot. It usually with much bigger but in all fairness we needed about forty million -- -- -- -- and a cup that you can make in a microwave or in need of been. And I and and it's it's also because there's so hard to make elements that's exactly right and you're gonna love the price regularly -- three doll just were also knocked and that in half eleven midday but yeah. -- -- sneaking mad. That's really delicious right up to these are delicious typical Obama. The third this hearing but you would actually get four of these chocolate. I get a crack at -- is what happens I think there yeah. I think that that you normally get you normally get four of them from this amazing company called brownie points rent like three sisters -- Albany -- -- -- -- 34 dollars for them seventeen bucks -- complete with a high altitude they're about our rights. May have letting kids of my -- this is there's already a success in your house that like the -- -- -- all made in America family and company Blake hit cutie little short -- spent these -- in a pajama -- the kids read a -- everywhere lots of different Valentine a pattern goes with these and they want them exactly so what will accidental they -- -- a little thing. Not because they come from toddlers to adults. Also these make Italy 36 to fifty dollars organ slash that in half so 1825. Dollar loan you gotta love that. Then of course some you'll -- he -- some diary pension too beautiful women -- companies -- shift earrings I'm I think everyone in the studio has chosen their favorite colors -- -- -- 23 different colors. These are regularly 52 dollars but with the exits at 60% savings so it's it's a little under 21 dollars -- you really can't beat that. This company -- does beautiful piece this company -- is one of my favorite sacred jewels and there are three different necklaces to choose from three different bracelets. All little semi precious stones with gold for May and these pieces are -- killing 77 each but. For -- viewers 386. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- really great deal beautiful beautiful pieces of this is money. Is really thought about -- that this is called a DNA -- portrait and I did this basically again that story so you take a white sheet of Paper and put some lipstick you tell us that piece of Paper ticket digital photo submitted online then they sent to a digital proof you can choose any of the colors that you want whenever you like this is just -- so this is regularly. To 99 -- But 50% savings it's -- 150 dollars yeah. Free shipping and -- -- a pretty good thing -- really good deal and it's a beautiful thing that can hang on your wall and com all the deals plus hit a whole bunch of exclusive deals that we are not showing unity can only find a Good Morning America that -- now. Okay we'll get there right away all the -- some promo cards are there as always.

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{"id":15497100,"title":"Valentine's Day Secret Deals and Steals","duration":"3:54","description":"Tory Johnson has all the deep-discount deals for your great date. ","url":"/GMA/video/valentines-day-secret-deals-steals-saving-money-gifts-15497100","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}