Veterans Day Brings Focus to Military Families

Often forgotten heroes of U.S. wars overseas become caregivers of injured vets.
4:24 | 11/11/11

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Transcript for Veterans Day Brings Focus to Military Families
ABC were launching a series called standing up for heroes all across ABC news we're going to be reporting and veterans the challenges they face. And where Americans are coming together to make a difference for our veterans here at home maybe she's publishers -- -- leading the effort for us and Bob. You start by taking a look at some of the heroes who were often forgotten the families here. They -- -- about the family you know one of the costs of war we don't often talk about. Is that emotional and financial toll on families caring for a loved one who has been injured. Next -- according to the veterans administration there are more than 35. Hundred primary caregivers in the country many of whom put their own lives on hold to take care of others. At the event that was actually very close to my heart the stand up for here -- celebration here in New York. We did have the chance to give back to some of these remarkable families who have all sacrificed so much for their country. It was a rare moment of indulgence for some of these women who are ordinarily away from the spotlight she gets the. Feel beautiful and just have some normality. For sisters Carla and Bernadette this week stand up for heroes event in New York City ruled out the red carpet. This wounded veterans and her caregiver normal chores are a hassle and. It becomes. Becomes very difficult to function on a daily basis if she needs need to remember for -- Then that's would end here for a 140 veterans and their families rubbing elbows with stars like Bruce Springsteen. Ricky Gervais -- news and Jon Stewart what's happened. Many getting the start treatment themselves. Over 25000. Dollars worth of clothes and accessories donated by -- Makeup artist from New York hairdressers from Lori L volunteered their time. -- -- safe thanks to those who have sacrificed so much the family's -- in the caregivers those who have joined us together what we thought to. -- -- -- -- there have been more than 46000. Severely wounded US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hundreds of thousands of others suffer from far less visible wounds. Posttraumatic stress and traumatic brain injuries puts -- into -- -- Santoro joined the Marines after high school during his third tour in Iraq he was wounded by an IED. I'm uneasy person Lewis -- American I'm sort of -- -- with all my injuries and because they ought to put up with you know they do and help me. His parents Joseph and penny returned to a familiar role caregiver to their child he had a head injury. So there's a lot of issues dealing with the loss of memory lots and lots of reminders that we have to put. All over the place for him it's more than worth it just to have -- back. For shame Indiana -- recovery hasn't been easy as an artery and he told me. -- -- -- and our family -- of them -- -- love with the time in the Big Apple gave them the chance to connect with others with the same hardships what does it feel like when when somebody doesn't recognize. Who you are and what you're going through -- It's amazing -- I did. Was phenomenal. We have never experienced anything like them life and -- sisters Bernadette and Carlisle. It was a trip to last a lifetime I'm honored I'm honored to be here was my sister. Kind of an issue -- hero. And so are all the other men and women. So you really -- do need to know that many troops do say that they feel invisible when they do come home so we are actually calling our viewers to action today on veterans day we are asking you. To go out and say thank you to anyone you see on the street in their uniform and send us. Their picture and we wanna get a lot of pictures -- plans -- -- you can just see how much offense from doing that indicates some really great moments -- relief and -- -- honoring men and throughout the day -- and ABC standing up for heroes continues tonight on world news and Nightline and to learn more about organizations working make a difference. In the lives of veterans and military families go to our website good morning American dot com. On Yahoo! and lets go outside.

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{"id":14931705,"title":"Veterans Day Brings Focus to Military Families","duration":"4:24","description":"Often forgotten heroes of U.S. wars overseas become caregivers of injured vets.","url":"/GMA/video/veterans-day-brings-focus-military-families-caregivers-14931705","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}