Victoria's Secret's Million-Dollar Fantasy Bra for 2012

Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio discusses the $2.5 million undergarment.
3:00 | 10/18/12

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Transcript for Victoria's Secret's Million-Dollar Fantasy Bra for 2012
This lady. She can walk a catwalk like no other. The story of supermodel ail sandra smbrosso. They've been doing the fancy bras. You've probably heard of them. For 16 years. We have an exclusive first look at the most stunning one yet. 2.5 million. Yeah. And allesandra is here. We're going to reveal. Audience, do you want to see the bra? Only in times square can you get people shouting, show us the bra. There's a piece first. Look at this. Cross your heart. Reporter: Remember this? You'll be shapelier. Reporter: Or this? ♪ I want a bra with pizazz ♪ Reporter: Shopping for a bra once meant you want padding or not? But now, women have a dizzying array of selections. Sporty, demi, seamless. The list goes on. You can find bullet proof bras. And inflatable bras. Even cups that shoot fire. So many choices. How is a girl to decide? To find out, we went to the mecca of lovely lingerie, victor victoria's secret, in herald square. I have a secret. A woman cannot have ever too many bras. There's no much thing. Reporter: These days, warm and function is often being trumpeted by style and sexiness. And celebrities are leading the way. Some stars like to give fans more than just peeks. For miley and kim, underwear has become outerwear. Since one size does not fit all, the bra business is huge. Women's lingerie, the $9 billion industry. Finding the right bra is the fashion equivalent of searching for the holy grail. Having the right bra is like having the right outfit. Reporter: The ultimate fantasy bra? If diamonds are a girl's best friend, it's probably this. The victoria's secret $2.5 million bra and matching belt, are dripping in sapphires, rubies, diamonds. It is quite a plunge. They are chanting. They want to see it, sam. There it is, everybody. 2.5 million. Worth of gem stones made by london jewelers. For victoria's secret, exclusive. You actually had this on your body? I had this once on my body, when I shot the victoria's secret catalog. We can see you in it. And it's for sale. It's for sale. With a matching belt. And it's $2.5 million. The most amazing bra I've seen in my life. Am I allowed to do this? The center point right here has a 20 carat diamond. And it goes on and on. Over 5,000 precious gems. Was it comfortable? It doesn't have to be comfortable. Who cares if it's comfortable or not at that point. It's a fairly tale. I was being a cinderella for one night. The ultimate fantasy. Victoria's secret. I know you have a brand-new baby. How did you get back into this shape? Well, working out, for sure. But actually, when victoria's secret called me to tell me i was going to wear the fantasy bra this year, I -- my baby was 2 weeks old. Like, how am I going to do this? How much am I going to need this? I was nursing at the time. Like, what's going to happen? And in tend, it just worked out really well. It's okay, I'm thinking. It all worked out. You can see allasndra wearing this $2.5 million bra. She's in the catalog with it. And at the victorvictoria's secret fashion show. And on goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! There's been some doozies. Thank you, lara.

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{"id":17506574,"title":"Victoria's Secret's Million-Dollar Fantasy Bra for 2012","duration":"3:00","description":"Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio discusses the $2.5 million undergarment.","url":"/GMA/video/victorias-secrets-million-dollar-fantasy-bra-2012-17506574","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}