Vince Vaughn Describes Google's Unique Workplace

Actor discusses writing, shooting his new film about two middle-aged Google interns.
4:45 | 06/05/13

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Transcript for Vince Vaughn Describes Google's Unique Workplace
How are you doing? Vince vaughn and owen wilson back together on the big screen since "wedding crashers" "the internship." It's fair to say they play two of the more unusual interns google has ever hired. We look at the scene where they are, in fact, interviewing for the prize gig. Take a look. You're shrunken down to the size of nickels and drop to the bottom of a blender, what do you do? It's not so much getting out of the blender. It's what happens next. You got two nickel-size men free in the world. Think of the possibilities. I mean, on top of my head I'm just -- swimming. Sunglass repair. We'll be -- put those submarines in people -- that's not a real thing, the submarine. I thought we were stuck in a blender. Now we're saving lives. What? What. What? What? That's really not a real thing. I refuse to believe that. Obviously vince is here to discuss it, okay, so you're a former salesman laid off. You got to find a new thing. This seems like something of a passion project. You co-wrote it. You produced it but you approached google and their initial response was what? Well, they were excited to have a sense of humor about it and audiences have responded really well to the movie. The movie is very funny but it has a lot of optimism in it and the movie is really about when things kind of go against you being willing to kind of try something new or start over and I think that's what people are really responding to. We see you looking for jobs and then you start focusing on google. Did that happen to you? No. Sitting there on the computer. But I thought it was an interesting thing because I saw all those specials on google. What is this place? Felt like an all inclusive resort like sandals or club med. Clearly the stock is going up so someone is working. A volleyball court and nap pods like on qantas airlines. We see it all in the movie. The nap pods. Cray, it's -- dry cleaning. There's a concept like if it's a fun environment and workers are happy, that they can actually get work done. I wish my father would have taken a page out of that book when I was a kid. Its of a very different philosophy. Dad, if you would have let me play my entire childhood -- quidditch. That's there, as well. You're not -- because it's like, okay -- it was an intramural sport and they had quidditch which is like the harry potter game. Clearly they're not flying. Thought that advance but odd to be running with a stick between your legs but it's a game enjoyed. Anybody will be flying on those brooms I figure it'll be the people at google. First time with owen since "wedding crashers." He always makes me laugh. So funny. I had the original idea but so many of the good ideas in the movie are his and it's his film and owen is just a funny guy. He's like not the typical comedian who is destined for a laugh. Really grounded and works for this movie because as funny as the movie is with the twists and surprises a lot of great cameos in the movie. Awesome. Really kind of ultimately a movie with a lot of heart. A great cast. Before we let you go, our interns just arrived. Get on over here. What are we doing here? Come on. I understand we have an intern mail bag. Nice to see you, ladies. Fantastic. It's a pleasure. I understand you have a question for vince. Give me the mike. We were wondering if you or owen wilson were going to be interns, who would be the better one? I think that would depend on the actual job. But at google, I'd have to maybe go with myself and that's only because owen is not here to defend himself. Briment, you're up next. My question is what's the most ridiculous task you've ever done for a job? Well, as an actor I've done a lot of ridiculous things. As an actor, but I don't know what the most ridiculous one is but there is sometimes you'll find yourself on a set at 7:00 in the morning and you're supposed to be dancing at a club or something like that and it doesn't feel time appropriate unless you would have stayed up all night then it would make more sense. Very quickly, paige, I should mention I stayed up all night to watch my l.A. Kings to get back in the series. I believe you have a question. Huge blackhawks fan you must be heartbroken. Do you feel they'll win the series. The kings are such a great team but the blackhawks are up by a game. I feel pretty confident the hawks will go on to the next round. All right. I'm going to conscientiously object to that. The film is great and so is the great vince vaughn. Great to see you.

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{"id":19329544,"title":"Vince Vaughn Describes Google's Unique Workplace","duration":"4:45","description":"Actor discusses writing, shooting his new film about two middle-aged Google interns.","url":"/GMA/video/vince-vaughn-internship-interview-actor-describes-googles-unique-19329544","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}