Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson Give Tour of Google HQ

ABC's Rachel Smith tours the famously fun NYC headquarters of tech giant Google.
2:47 | 06/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson Give Tour of Google HQ
I cannot wait for the return of vince vaughn and owen wilson, the "wedding crashers" pair in "internship" with all the guys at google. Rachel smith, host of "on the red carpet" went with them for a unique tour. Reporter: The comedic dream team of these two are back. What? What. Reporter: Playing out salesmen getting coveted internships. You're interns? Yes. Deal with it. You're so old, though. Reporter: Much of the story was filmed on the real-life google campus which is like a modern-day oz. Welcome to google. I know it's supposed to be a workplace. I thought it was a club med or sandals. Reporter: They gave me a quick tour google style. We all pedal. The most important rule, enjoy. Enjoy. Wait. I feel like I need to -- ♪ I believe I can fly ♪ a pool over to the right. I'll relax and let you guys do the work. Hey! Come on. I hear you're a little digitally challenged. Tell us when did you get a cell phone? For me, it was not until a couple years ago. At the time I was like I don't know that I want to talk to people at all times. When we were younger you were one of the first to have a blackberry. You were banging stuff out, communicating. Re-energizing your contacts. Mark my words, something is going to happen with this stuff and he didn't believe it. Did you guys ever have an internship? In college I had some stuff. Like. Pool cleaner one summer. Maybe that was considered an internship. Or a way to meet -- or a way to meet -- yes, every once in a while you'd go in that backyard to clean that pool and maybe someone who was out there sunning themselves and -- oh, my gosh. And one thing leads to another and no more pool man. You get fired. While not many people get to be interns at google these co-stars say the film's message is universal. It really is sort of about wanting to change your circumstance, wanting to have better things in your life than you. Reinvent yourself. I think everyone can relate to that idea of kind of wanting to hit the reset button every once in a while. Reporter: Speaking of reinvention maybe the guys can help me reinvent myself into a star volleyball player. I like it, by the way. Here we go. I like the effort, though. Then again, maybe not. You got it. You got it. I got used to you taking things over. Reporter: For "good morning america," rachel smith, abc

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{"id":19338384,"title":"Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson Give Tour of Google HQ","duration":"2:47","description":"ABC's Rachel Smith tours the famously fun NYC headquarters of tech giant Google.","url":"/GMA/video/vince-vaughn-owen-wilson-interview-2013-internship-actors-19338384","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}