Powerball Winner Bought Ticket at Airport

David Honeywell bought on a ticket that won him $217 million just after he checked in for his flight.
1:53 | 02/15/13

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Transcript for Powerball Winner Bought Ticket at Airport
Now, what could be the most lucrative business trip ever. David honeywell splurged on a powerball ticket before a flight. Gi has the story. Reporter: Dave honeywell, didn't need to get his wife flowers thursday. He opted for a check, indeed. A big one. The biggest valentine you get. There will not be bigger. Reporter: The couple's $217 million ticket to riches was hiding in a most unlikely place. Richmond international airport, at this automated kiosk. I was going on a business trip. And coming through the airport here. Reporter: Dave was on his way to a conference in denver on super bowl sunday, when that powerball jackpot caught his eye. He bought a ticket. It wasn't until days later that he even remembered to check his numbers. I was looking, wait a second. All the numbers line up. Reporter: Every number matched. It must be the last date. I checked the dates. This can't be. And I was shaking so bad at that point, I could barely read the ticket. I was just shaking. Shaking. Reporter: Now, they hope to spend part of that money, helping their little grandson get some much-needed surgery. Dave's wife, nancy, says the child has had heart complications since birth. When we told our daughter and our sister-in-on-in-law, it was like a weight off their shoulders. They can have surgery. We have the funds to help him now. Reporter: And they plan on a little splurging. New car. That's about it. I get to hold the check. Reporter: Both dave and nancy honeywell are government employees. They work for the department of defense. But neither one plans to stay there much longer. They will retire in a few weeks. Our stage manager, scott, he has his powerball. I know he's not going to quit. Right, scott?

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{"id":18510693,"title":"Powerball Winner Bought Ticket at Airport","duration":"1:53","description":"David Honeywell bought on a ticket that won him $217 million just after he checked in for his flight.","url":"/GMA/video/virginia-powerball-winning-numbers-david-honeywell-bought-ticket-18510693","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}