Putin Takes Victory Lap in Crimea

The Russian president heads to the newly annexed peninsula on Russia's Victory Day holiday.
2:07 | 05/09/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Putin Takes Victory Lap in Crimea
To the growing tensions with Russia and the massive show of military might. A huge military parade, as president Vladimir Putin arrived in crimea, weeks after it became part of Russia again. ABC's terry Moran is right there in crimea with the story. Good morning to you, terry. Reporter: Good morning. President Putin has just arrived in this historic Russian naval port. It was part of Ukraine, now claimed by Russia. This is a day of extraordinary personal triumph for Putin, in the face of western sanctions and criticism. He takes to what a amounts to be a defiant victory lap. It began this morning in Moscow. Putin, flanked by his generals and political deputies, provided over a show of military might that echoed soviet displays during the cold war. 11,000 troops, 150 military vehicles and missiles. 70 aircraft roaring overhead. This day is sacred to Russians. It marks the country's victory over nazi Germany and a war that killed 20 million here. We will protect Russia, its glorious history. And first and foremost, we will serve our homeland, Putin told the adoring crowd. He is riding sky-high right now. Even presiding over a Russian missile launch. Rare nuclear weapons exercises yesterday. But Putin seems to have stepped back from these armed forces, pro-russian separatists who are preparing a referendum on Sunday, even though Putin called for it to the canceled. And claimed he is pulling back troops from the border. Though U.S. And nato officials still say they've seen no sign of it. Other parts of Ukraine are deeply divided, on the edge of civil war. This city is strongly pro-russian. They feel they have come home to mother Russia. And to people here, Vladimir Putin is a hero.

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{"id":23652651,"title":"Putin Takes Victory Lap in Crimea","duration":"2:07","description":"The Russian president heads to the newly annexed peninsula on Russia's Victory Day holiday.","url":"/GMA/video/vladimir-putin-takes-victory-lap-crimea-23652651","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}