Iowa Caucuses: Can Mitt Romney Close?

Mitt Romney discusses race as he battles with Ron Paul, Rick Santorum for first.
2:40 | 01/03/12

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Transcript for Iowa Caucuses: Can Mitt Romney Close?
Your voice your vote in the first -- finally here. -- a little more than twelve hours the Republicans will caucus in Iowa the race impossible to call with Mitt Romney Ron Paul and surging Rick Santorum all bunch of the top. Rick Santorum is standing by live to talk to us let's start I would David Muir in Iowa where he sat down with a confident Mitt -- good morning David. George good morning to you great to talk review and as you point out just hours away now from those first votes here as we all know Iowa doesn't necessarily pick the winner. But it plays a huge role deciding who moves forward. Beat Romney continued into the night as he tries to rewrite the -- headlines from four years ago. Last time ten million dollar spent and at a loss. This time on the eve of the caucuses. Bold prediction -- Cedar Rapids we're gonna win this saying his team later saying he was talking about the nomination. Careful to manage expectations here in Iowa behind the scenes with us Romney was careful to you know -- Iowa. I don't know for gonna win but it's great to be towards the top of the -- I think there are three people right now they're all within spitting distance of what another -- -- the three that you speak of I think Ron Paul and Rick Santorum and myself noticeably absent from that list you Gingrich whose poll numbers plummeted largely because of this news has -- has a ton of -- he was a barrage of negative ads -- brought by some of Mitt Romney's wealthiest supporters. One on one with us Romney defended -- tough tone -- you -- come out and say listen folks look let's not have this negative tone. I can tell you the heat that we have in the kitchen right now is nothing. Compared to what's gonna happen with Obama's hell's kitchen. For the caucuses tonight and Gingrich acknowledged this -- we may pull off one of the great upsets in the history of the Iowa Caucuses and with a large Jon Karl Gingrich quickly brought it back to Romney knows negative ads saying the ads will not help Rodney the end. He's in Massachusetts moderate and conservative morning. You'll did you win this nomination I think them to diminish people understand his record. He becomes not him. From Ron Paul a surprising admission to our Terry Moran so when you lay your head down on the ballot -- do you see yourself in the Oval Office. Not really. And in the middle of the -- -- surging Rick Santorum. And I don't actually the most momentum in the polls in these final days by calling himself -- candidate -- conviction. Hoping to appeal to undecided social conservatives. Rick Santorum Mitt Romney -- -- events this morning at final push under way George and of course as you know the big question for Rick Santorum. Can he appeal to moderates and independents beyond Iowa would this momentum they are the ones who could ultimately decide this election come November no question that -- thanks very much.

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{"id":15278264,"title":"Iowa Caucuses: Can Mitt Romney Close?","duration":"2:40","description":"Mitt Romney discusses race as he battles with Ron Paul, Rick Santorum for first.","url":"/GMA/video/voice-vote-iowa-caucuses-mitt-romney-close-15278264","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}