Wacky Toys, Products for Your Pet

Dr. Marty Becker highlights interesting new ways to spend time with your pet.
4:01 | 10/17/11

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Transcript for Wacky Toys, Products for Your Pet
Not all pet. -- are created equally or is it turns out seemingly. America's veterinarian doctor Marty Becker celebrating fifteen years on GMA is that right to fifteen years what I. Really in the -- guys. And all of you products these are I have to be some of the -- guess -- get -- start with my little buddy this speech. And this -- -- fat to Leach the blue -- skate you've heard -- taken a walk on the wild side help but take in the wild side on a walk yet you don't it's one thing to walk your dog. Even take your count on a lease for you know what rep tells need vitamin. And they'll love you'll stay right here -- -- -- -- that's kid that's good view shared a positive your Paul's death disease is slide a little busy dizzy dog doesn't bite out. Holding and now we have -- Prudent stuff ought to these -- -- want to take a look at -- she's twelve weeks all talk about our office is beautiful these actually have a function forum. The sensitivity on the bottom -- dog's food is about the same as the heel of your hand yeah so when it's real hotter real cold. You put that. Moody's economy and also -- sultan lot of ice -- their tolls are really protects their feet but really for people here in the streets of New York during the winters when. Store keepers are -- the sidewalk -- when you want -- -- -- accurate it's very functional unlike the -- these looks -- my daughter has -- so -- on -- as a relief over the I don't know how to say no could also loves the taste of these whose terms that make a great you join like juvenile as well and then we can actually take -- boots -- and -- -- -- do some artwork must -- got approval wants to -- beloved -- -- point hair coloring calico. You don't get your -- stuff -- -- frigid -- that's so yesterday no I didn't get your dog or cat to paint and actually. Kona painted this earlier with their paws so you put the pain on the camera simple piece of plastic over the -- provided with a -- and -- pain if this becomes your own. Most cost so your own not -- -- -- -- your travel bug it's done by the county and speaking of travel turns out that the hamsters. Don't have to be frustrated on the wheel anymore there's actually will enhance your goals inside this Wheeling has the hamster moves their car drives or actually -- and -- hamster will now. Comes a little tracking put a ball or or the car on and it works fantastic and again. All of these are enrichment activities the more you do for enrichment activities with your pets but closer to the bond you're gonna have with the and so and the -- well He can't pay a day late date they like being here already and at the -- bill -- low bid at the will OK and then probably take a turn for the absurd -- object. You've got you when it's Halloween time saw Jessica costumes for dogs in for cats -- birds with very little birds -- tuxedo one here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But look at your other got a nice great suits for Halloween -- could have fun let's see -- -- yet -- you can you can you know that cool in the goblins suits for the bird -- could it -- -- -- -- isn't enough apparently now is little but not -- this could -- of in this address. Due to point out He is not happy to be and -- is actually got his off here. But again look at all the stuff always enrichment activities for these birds -- you don't Soviet trade of from the time when their early -- did you know what -- new trend as he's now. -- Lee who lost to the tuxedo and I was gonna get back on the -- -- each. Wearing clothes to dogs mind boots to Byrd's mind tuxedo like for birds Beazer Beazer while white -- -- and kind of an unusual breed but. The longer you have want to do it earlier in there when they're young than they like it better. Well we actually like to thank -- for providing all of these animals except of course account of the company will -- Maria. For that and now all their cages. And accrued from mom and dad doctor Marty Becker happy neighbors Larry thank you and that -- -- this can come here the.

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{"id":14752853,"title":"Wacky Toys, Products for Your Pet","duration":"4:01","description":"Dr. Marty Becker highlights interesting new ways to spend time with your pet.","url":"/GMA/video/wacky-toys-products-pet-14752853","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}