Wilson Ramos Kidnapped: Major Hunt Launched

Search is under way in Venezuela for one of baseball's brightest young talents.
1:29 | 11/11/11

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Transcript for Wilson Ramos Kidnapped: Major Hunt Launched
We turn now to the abduction of one of Major League baseball's rising stars Wilson Ramos was kidnapped Wednesday in his native Venezuela. And now we're hearing from an eyewitness ABC's Pierre Thomas is following the case. It. Police say they believe that Ramos -- arrived this morning even though he's vanished since being abducted in this getaway car discovered Thursday. Ramos was kidnapped at gunpoint by three armed demand right in front of his -- while visiting his mother's home in Venezuela. An eyewitness whose identity had to be protected described the chilling abduction. And suddenly with no warning CBS UV stopped and -- -- -- them with guns and the only thing they say not to look at their faces. This looks very much like a targeted kidnapping and they intentionally selected him because of their assessment of his access to financial resources. Ramos is an emerging star with the Washington Nationals. Natural feeling and power hitting. Tell them into the role of starting catcher in only his rookie season. He now becomes the highest profile symbol of a growing and some say epidemic problem of kidnapping for ransom in Venezuela. According to ESPN since 2004. At least three Major League players from Venezuela have had relatives -- Just still no word on exactly what the kidnappers are demanding so for now the family can only hope and -- Thank you PM.

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{"id":14931299,"title":"Wilson Ramos Kidnapped: Major Hunt Launched","duration":"1:29","description":"Search is under way in Venezuela for one of baseball's brightest young talents.","url":"/GMA/video/washington-nationals-catcher-wilson-ramos-kidnapped-major-hunt-14931299","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}